Image Library


An image library typically has thousands, tens of thousands or even millions of images. These images need to be searched quickly, which is only possible by enriching the image files with keywords, tags and other metadata.

What Is an Image Library?


An image library is a collection of digital assets that may contain other forms of rich media such as presentations, PDF documents, sound files, video files and more. Therefore, image library software is better known as digital asset management (DAM).

What Is Digital Asset Management?

Digital asset management (DAM) is a comprehensive solution for storing and sharing your images, videos, music and other digital media files. DAM gives users the ability to administer their digital assets in a more organized way and makes sharing assets easier and safer.

brand asset management


Remove confusion by giving all your users a central content library

brand asset management


Search for content quickly with easy-to-use tags, keywords, folders and albums

brand asset management


Simplify file sharing with collections, download links and branded self-serve

Cloud digital asset management lets you access your assets using any device from anywhere at any time. Unlike file-share solutions like Dropbox, digital asset management functions as a more complete image library that enables companies to improve their ability to store, search and share imagery at scale.

The beauty of using digital asset management to manage your images is the added benefit of managing digital copyright licenses.  Setting expiration dates, adding watermarks and defining copyright terms and conditions can keep your company protected from legal action and help users stay in compliance.

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