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AI-powered image recognition improves photo storage and organization with dynamic autotagging in digital asset management

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What Is Image Recognition?


Image recognition software automatically identifies and describes objects within images. These objects include locations, backgrounds, people, text and behavior. Image recognition is developed through numerous AI tests, which give the recognition software photos and teach it to understand patterns using machine learning.

The end result of image recognition is the software looks at an image the same way a human observes an image. It then looks at photos in-depth and quickly. This spans over hundreds of millions of images, making image recognition AI a vital resource for reducing human work efforts and time-wasting.

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State-of-the-Art AI Technology


Digital asset management is enhanced with image recognition powered by artificial intelligence technology. When images are uploaded to the system, they’re automatically tagged. This allows teams to retrieve images quickly in a centralized library. Marketing departments can then focus on creative tasks and forego extensive tagging and searching.

Intriguing Benefits


Image recognition and automatic image tagging assign keywords to images automatically. This lets teams focus on generating valuable creative work. They also dramatically improve quantity and quality of projects by reducing image-tagging requirements. This also helps you quickly retrieve content.

Images are automatically uploaded and enriched with metadata, boosting productivity. The ability to quickly tag and later find images can give you better insights into brand perception.

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