Image Watermarking


A highly-effective way to protect digital assets

What Is Image Watermarking?


Image watermarking is the embedding of text over a digital image. This watermark text indicates ownership or copyright of the image. The watermark makes it difficult for someone to use the image without permission.

Watermarks protect digital intellectual property because they prove the origin of an image and discourage unauthorized copies. Watermarking is helpful in marking assets for review, ensuring assets aren’t improperly distributed or mistakenly incorporated into other works.

image watermarking
image watermarking

Benefits of DAM Watermarking


Watermarking is a powerful alternative to placing a copyright logo on images. The watermark is more intrusive to the image itself, blocking a bigger portion of content. It also doesn’t require registration of copyright to implement, making the process quicker than a copyright text placement.

Watermarking protects businesses from damage claims and secures valuable intellectual property. Watermarking acts as a deterrent in most cases, but sometimes helps companies in other ways. For example, an undetectable watermark lets image license owners locate the places their digital property is being uploaded.

Image Watermarking With Digital Asset Management


Canto’s digital asset management automates watermarking, enhancing digital protection efficiently. Administrators can apply watermarks to uploaded images. You can embed a watermark onto Images in the editing phase within a DAM.

With a DAM, watermarking occurs on distribution or download, and can be applied to all assets within an image collection. Watermarking can occur on an asset-by-asset basis. Administrators determine the user permissions of watermarking with DAM.

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