Image Watermarking


A highly-effective way to protect digital graphics

What Is Image Watermarking?


Image watermarking is embedding text or logos over a digital image. This watermark graphic or text indicates ownership or copyright of the image. The watermark makes it difficult for someone to use the image without permission or claim ownership of the original.

Watermarking is a method of image copyrighting that protects digital intellectual property. It helps prove the origin of an image and discourage unauthorized copies. Watermarking is helpful in marking assets for review, ensuring assets aren’t improperly distributed or mistakenly incorporated into other works.

image watermarking
image watermarking

How to Apply Watermarking


Different systems use varieties of image programs to handle graphics, but here are instructions for popular image software. To apply a watermark using Adobe Photoshop, begin by opening the target picture. Create a new layer, then enter the desired text with the Text tool. You’ll be able to manipulate the font type and size to your liking.

To apply a watermark to an image using Microsoft Paint, open the desired picture using Paint. Select the Text tool and type your watermark message, including copyright logo. Drag the text to the location of your choosing. Note that these methods are time-consuming and don’t give an option to place brand logos. For that, you’ll need automated watermarking software.

Automated Digital Image Watermarking Software


Canto’s digital asset management (DAM) automates watermarking, enhancing digital protection. You can embed a watermark onto images in the editing phase within a DAM. Watermarking occurs on distribution or download, and applies to all assets. Administrators determine the user permissions of watermarking with DAM.

Watermarking is a powerful alternative to copyright logos on images. This is because the watermark is more intrusive to the image. It also doesn’t need registration of copyright, making the process quicker than a copyright text placement. Undetectable watermarks let image owners locate unauthorized digital property.

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