Image watermarking

An effective way to protect digital images

Image watermarking

Visible, noticeable proof

An image watermark is especially intrusive to the important and main features of a graphic.

License holder has the key

The only way for a user to redistribute the watermarked image without the mark is with the owner’s allowed access.

Potential deterrent

A visible watermark is a deterrent for plenty of reasons, especially the fact it depicts theft.

A laptop on which a man is working, in the foreground a network of luminous dots with a shield symbol with a padlock in the middle.

What is image watermarking?

Image watermarking is embedded text or logos over a digital image. This watermark graphic or text indicates ownership or copyright of the image. It makes it difficult for someone to use the image without permission or claim ownership of the original. It’s typically in the corner of the image but can be anywhere across the photo.

Image watermarking benefits

Watermarking protects digital intellectual property. It helps prove the origin of an image and discourage unauthorized copies or distribution. Watermarking is helpful in marking assets for review, ensuring they aren’t mistakenly incorporated into other works. In most cases, it prevents unauthorized usage or attempts.

Different types of watermarking benefits users and companies differently. One example is an invisible watermark, which is less confrontational than a visible one. If a licensed image is accessed unlawfully, the invisible watermark allows it to be located. This is valuable when the asset needs to be retrieved.

A digital protection symbol in the form of a shield with a keyhole on it.

When should you use image watermarking?

Typically, you’ll want to use image watermarking if you are a company with a wide pool of diverse images to choose from. This is because it’s fairly easy to locate a few similar images to flag for copyright. However, thousands of images would be tough to track down. Furthermore, if you have sensitive images you need to protect, watermarking is crucial.

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What type of system best applies watermarks?

A digital asset management (DAM) system automates the watermarking process, keeping your images safe in the most efficient manner. Furthermore, it is a comprehensive system that handles copyright issues as well, keeping your company safe from legal issues. Consider a DAM if you’re planning on uploading extensive images.

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