Adobe Workfront

Work Management

Your entire Canto library, at your fingertips in Workfront

Canto’s Adobe Workfront integration enables marketing and creative teams to connect their content libraries directly to their Workfront projects. Now you can search Canto and attach assets to projects – all without leaving Workfront – for faster workflows and a seamless experience.

Canto library open in Workfront with Canto's Adobe Workfront integration.

Stop the download and upload cycle

No need to download content from your library, only to upload it again in Workfront. All of your content in Canto is already in your Workfront account.

Add content to projects easily and efficiently

Search your entire Canto library directly in Workfront, or browse your Canto albums and folders. Once you’ve zeroed in on the right content, attach it to your Workfront project in just a few clicks.

Need to attach multiple assets, folders, or albums? No problem – simply use the bulk select option to add them all in a single step.

Increase speed to market with faster workflows

With Canto and Workfront working as one, your team can create and collaborate from a single source of truth – keeping projects flowing smoothly, preventing mix-ups, and increasing speed to market.


Start streamlining your team’s workflows. Set up the Workfront integration, and check out our guide to using Canto in Workfront.

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