Enterprise DAM for Drupal

Cumulus’ Drupal integration enables companies to manage their digital library with a world-leading digital asset management (DAM) system. CMS editors and webmasters can access the media contents stored in Cumulus directly from Drupal.

Cumulus is integrated into the TinyMCE Editor, which allows you to access Cumulus assets directly from the CMS interface, while using the powerful search functions (Quicksearch, Filter, etc.).

drupal frontend

Drupal and Cumulus communicate via RESTful webservices.

Part of the Canto Integration Platform (CIP)

The integration is included in the Canto Integration Platform (CIP) and is available to every customer who has licensed it. Companies that work with Drupal and TinyMCE can use the integration immediately after a few configuration steps. This speeds up the publishing processes significantly, since manual conversion and uploading to the CMS system is no longer necessary.

The integration supports all types of digital assets – documents, images, and videos from Cumulus can be easily placed in articles.

Cumulus Integration for WordPress CMS

Access the media library with the Cumulus Asset Browser

Create visual web pages faster

Whether using Drupal to power your blog or a full blown website, with the Cumulus Drupal integration, you can select images and video files stored in Cumulus while working directly in Drupal. Your organization can maintain better control over your digital assets by accessing them from Cumulus – giving other content contributors in Marketing and Sales outside the web ecosystem access to the exact same files. No duplication. No chasing down latest versions.

Cumulus can be used as the central storage location for media assets, and through portals, the media can be provided to the various stakeholders. Other third-party systems besides the CMS can also be easily connected via RESTful WebServices and supplied with the media assets.


With a few clicks, create new web pages or blog posts with Cumulus housed assets.