InDesign and Digital Asset Management Integration

Canto digital asset management integrates seamlessly with Adobe InDesign

Drag and drop images into InDesign

Graphic designers can work with hi-res or low-res images linked from your Canto DAM system into InDesign.

Set up branded templates for content

Designers can set up template documents for business users to modify based on brand standards.

Non-designers make document edits online

Approved users can edit specific elements of any brand template document from an online portal.

Canto InDesign Plugin

The Canto InDesign Plugin allows you to drag and drop images and establish a direct connection from your Canto media library to your InDesign layouts. No more downloading assets prior to placing.

Depending on your project needs, you may toggle one or all image links between hi-res or low-res for more efficient work steps. Update newer image versions with a simple click.

Collaborate and share InDesign files with colleagues using multiple Canto InDesign Plugin seats.

To learn more about the Canto InDesign Plugin, click here to visit our Knowledge Center.

Screenshot of Canto interface
Screenshot InDesign in Action

Canto Brand Templates

Canto Brand Templates gives graphic designers the power to control brand layout elements in a master InDesign template. Canto Brand Templates is perfect for customizing sales rep brochures, regional event flyers, franchisee materials and other localized documents.

Once the template is set up, business users can login to a Canto Portal and make content edits via a simple web browser – with no InDesign license or knowledge needed. The designer decides which document elements are locked down such as a company logo, font colors, sizes, imagery and more. And which elements can be modified to accommodate the business users’ needs.

How can your team benefit from an InDesign + Digital Asset Management integration with Canto?

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Canto Brand Templates

How designers set up Canto Brand Templates in InDesign

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Canto DAM Demo

Watch a 5 minute demo of Canto DAM

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A screenshot of the Canto DAM in Library View showing small previews of various images.

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