Your entire Canto library, at your fingertips within Adobe InDesign

Canto has partnered with Adobe to streamline the way you work! With Canto’s Adobe CC Connector, you can harness the full capabilities of your Canto library within the Adobe programs that you’re using every day. By leveraging this integration, all of your images and digital assets are instantly available to you in the Creative Cloud, allowing your team to standardize a single source of truth while saving valuable time and gaining speed to market.


Adobe CC Connector for InDesign

With the Adobe CC Connector for InDesign, your team can search and filter for images and PDF documents directly from the Canto library, and then insert them directly into InDesign layouts. Designers no longer need to download a file, only to upload it somewhere else. All of the images and graphic files in your Canto library are instantly available and searchable within InDesign.

Depending on your project needs, you may toggle one or all image links between hi-res and low-res for more efficient work. You also have the power to update to newer image versions with a simple click. Once the project is complete, Canto makes it easy to upload finished documents back to your Canto library as a new file/new version – all without leaving InDesign.

Save valuable time with the Adobe CC Connector, which works not only with InDesign, but with Photoshop , Illustrator and Premiere Pro.

A whole suite of InDesign benefits at your fingertips:

  • Search the Canto library, without leaving InDesign.
  • Find assets by searching through folders and albums, keyword search, and filters.
  • Easily insert assets from Canto search to InDesign documents.
  • Utilize the built in InDesign import options while adding images, PDFs, and InDesign files to the document.
  • Retrieve low/high resolution and new version updates of images right from the connector.
  • Upload finished documents back to Canto as a new file/new version without leaving InDesign.

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See how to easily drag and drop files from your Canto library into Adobe InDesign in the below tutorial.

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