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Save time, complete projects faster, and unify teams by connecting your project management software with your Canto library. With Canto’s integration, you can find files, attach them to items, and push finished content back to your Canto library — all without leaving

Screenshot of Canto digital assets being attached to a item.

Need a file? Search Canto in

Launch projects faster by being able to quickly search your entire Canto library directly on Browse folders and albums or zero in on files using the global keyword search.

Attach files to items. Save time instantly.

Quickly attach relevant files from your Canto library to items on your boards and begin your projects. No more uploading and downloading or jumping between tools.

Align teams. Canto is your content hub for all projects.

Enable all teams to work from only approved content on With content seamlessly in sync across platforms, projects stay on-brand and duplicate work or rework is eliminated.

Project complete? Distribute finished content with a few clicks.

Push approved assets directly from into your Canto library, instantly sharing content across teams to deliver better campaign results. Simply select your desired folders, add metadata, and click upload.

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