Integrate Canto with Slack

Your organization’s favorite messaging app makes using DAM even more simplified. Slack connects with Canto to enhance communication and collaboration over assets, and provides more opportunities to notify team members of changes, suggestions, and other actionable items. This integration provides two ways for Canto to interact with your Slack chat.

Screenshot showing the popup window for sharing assets in Slack, including a view of the asset, a dropdown list for channel selection and text box for customizing the message.

Share directly to Slack

Assets can be shared to Slack the same way they’re shared to Facebook and Twitter. Click the Share icon and choose the Slack logo. Users have the option to choose any public Slack channel available on their account. You can also attach an optional message that will appear with the asset in the chosen Slack channel.

Screenshot of the notification preferences in the Slack integration for Canto DAM.

Automatic sharing to Slack

Users can set up their Canto profile to be attached to a Slack account for automatic notifications. In the User Profile screen, they can integrate directly to Slack and choose which channel they’d like to share to. (The available channels must be public channels. Private channels will not be able to receive updates from Canto.)
Admins can determine what actions in Canto trigger automatic notifications, as well as toggle them on and off. The available actions are:

  • A file is added
  • A file is shared
  • Albums are added or updated
  • Portals are updated
  • A file status changes
  • A comment is left on a file

These notifications can be sent to a channel that’s commonly used, or they can be sent to a dedicated Slack channel for Canto notifications. The integration provides flexibility for all organizations.

Once an asset has been shared to Slack, users can take advantage of Slack’s customizability to continue to collaborate. The asset can be directly downloaded, shared internally or with a public link, and renamed right in Slack (and with emoji reactions!). The asset will have a link directly to the asset in Canto and a link to the account it was shared from.

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