Seamless integration with TYPO3 6.2 and up

With the TYPO3 extension for Cumulus, organizations can manage their digital library with a leading digital asset management system and access content directly from TYPO3 all of their media files indexed within Cumulus and publish them to websites and landing pages.

TYPO3 version 6.2 provides a File Abstraction Layer (FAL) that can be used to access different storage locations. The Cumulus extension is based on this layer. In order to use the integration, you’ll need Cumulus 10 with the Canto Integration Platform (CIP) license. No additional UI is necessary in TYPO3 and the user can seamlessly access files from a familiar environment.

TYPO3 integration for Cumulus

Communication between TYPO3 and Cumulus is handled via RESTful Webservices.

Avoid duplicates

What if the latest version of a file is needed beyond the web team? Photos and product data sheets are often needed outside the web team, by employees in sales, product management and social media teams. And often the latest versions of your digital content is also needed outside the company, by partners, freelancers and channel networks. This is all made possible in realtime with a centralized digital asset management system and Cumulus Portals. Branded Cumulus Portals can allow you to share with externals and internal staff the latest content as it becomes ready for primetime, based on permissions and security settings. While at the same time, allowing the web team access to the exact same media files managed in Cumulus directly by searching and sorting within the TYPO3 interface.

Cumulus creates a direct link to the latest asset available. Copies are not created! Delivery is done through an image server. Thanks to single sourcing, duplicates are avoided. This helps minimize space on TYPO3 as there is only one original file being managed with Cumulus. All derivatives and cropped images are produced on-the-fly by the Media Delivery On-Premise or Media Delivery Cloud.


TYPO3 only has a reference to the asset in Cumulus

Accelerate web publishing

Today’s websites are visually rich. The TYPO3 extension to Cumulus lets you manage the digital assets on your site more efficiently than ever before. Cumulus is integrated directly into the CMS through our RESTful API. With this extension you access approved assets directly from the TYPO3 UI. This avoids lengthy coordination and approval processes, while your web editors may continue to use the media gallery in the usual way of working.

In the TYPO3 backend there are several places where images can be uploaded. By seamlessly integrating over the FAL Adapter, Cumulus is integrated within all points where media files can be selected. This reduces the need for web editors to upload images into the TYPO3 media library. In case a new version of an image is required on the website, the Web editor won’t have to edit his article, because the Media Delivery On-Premise or Media Delivery Cloud always delivers the latest version of the asset.

TYPO3 backend

Deep Cumulus integration in TYPO3

Track asset usage and licenses

Cumulus stores all copyright licenses, usage restriction information and the location where the asset has been used. So copyright management is made more transparent – and assets can be used correctly according to licensing agreements. If necessary, an asset can be blocked or replaced. With the integration between Cumulus and TYPO3 marketing managers have full control over the asset lifecycle.

The API is bidirectional and stores information in the metadata of the media files themselves. For instance, information such as license rights are always linked to the media files. Based on the metadata, automated workflows within Cumulus can trigger email notifications or exchange assets directly. If image rights expire, Cumulus can lock the image – and the Media Delivery On-Premise or Media Delivery Cloud will provide a “placeholder” image. This ensures no unauthorized content on the website at the same time while keeping a nice visual layout and user experience.

TYPO3 integration for Cumulus - Licence Management

Licence and copyright management with Cumulus