Canto Connector for Microsoft Word

Simplify how you add images and brand elements to your Word documents with the Canto Connector for Microsoft Word.

A preview of the Canto integration with Microsoft Word in action.
Insert images seamlessly from Canto into Word.

From the Word interface, navigate your entire approved library of assets from the Canto add-in preview pane. Expand the preview window and even pop it onto a second monitor for more searching and browsing real estate.

Insert the images you need and avoid the download-upload game.

Permissions apply

Users will only be able to view content they are approved to see whether content is referenced within the main Canto library, Portal, Workspace or Style Guide.

A screenshot of how to sign in into your Canto account using the Canto integration for Microsoft Word.
Sign in to use assets with proper permissions.

The connector works for Word on PC, macOS and Office 365 online.

See it in action:

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