Digital asset management for WordPress

Publish your photos, images, and any other brand asset from your Canto account directly to your WordPress websites. Don’t worry about searching for files in emails, or downloading and uploading on your computer. Canto makes it easy to handle your content’s lifecycle all in the browser.

Screenshopt of the wordpress integration with the Canto DAM.

Automatic image tagging and copyright

Once connected, you can find your images from Canto without leaving WordPress. Easily select sizes, alignment and link options that pull from your WordPress theme and options.

The image alt tag, descriptions, and copyright information may be auto-populated with metadata from your Canto account. After the image is inserted into your post, it’s saved locally to your WordPress Media library.

Screenshot of the asset detail view in the WordPress integration of the Canto DAM.

Duplicate check and scheduled updates

Grow your content library without having to fill up your website. Our plugin prevent duplication of the same file into your website. If you import the same file or a new version, this option will check and update the information if it is already in your WordPress media library.

You can import images from the Canto digital asset management system if you are working with draft versions or are updating existing ones. The Automatic Update feature will set a schedule to check Canto for changes to files that have been previously imported into WordPress. Set the time that works best for your workflow (daily, weekly, monthly recurring options).

Screenshot of the status window of the WordPress integration with the Canto DAM.

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