Media Library Software


A media library system organizes rich digital content, such as images, presentations and documents

What Is Media Library Software?


A media library holds large volumes of different images, videos, documents and other media files. Media libraries are large enough for basic indexing and search, which requires metadata attached to the rich media assets. They are a storage location for images, videos and other documents.

An Image library handles a breadth of media types. Media library software provides a searchable storage area for valuable digital files. This is a strong feature for companies looking to expand their functionality of media.

media library
media library

Benefits of a Media Library


Some ways a media library helps users is it provides filtered search results by file type. It also lets teams share images and photos securely using secure web portals and download links in an image database.

Another powerful benefit is a library allows access of digital assets through desktops, tablets or mobile devices. Users can run reports based on file downloads, sharing history and image usage. This givers companies a chance to build a central storage spot more efficiently and from varied locations.

Enhancing a Media Library With Software


Bolster your media library with software that organizes files for quick retrieval. An important feature is the ability to search a collection of images and other media. Whether searching by subject, digital rights information or customized workflow fields, a media library offers search capabilities that help locate any file quickly.

Digital asset management has proven to be a tool that enhances a company’s media library through vast media features. It’s a comprehensive asset organization system that centralizes files into your library.

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