Media Library Software


A media library system organizes rich digital content, such as images, presentations, sales collateral, videos or audio files.

What Is Media Library Software?


Media Libraries are feature-rich digital asset management systems that combine the simplicity of image libraries with the ability to easily handle a breadth of media types. DAM features include robust metadata and search, user roles and permissions, secure file sharing, outside portals, anytime-anywhere mobile access and advanced reporting.

Many media libraries, like Canto, use search mechanisms like smart albums that let you flip between different media types with the touch of button. They are sufficiently large enough to require basic indexing and search, which ordinarily requires metadata attached to the rich media assets.

media library
media library

Benefits of DAM as a Media Library


  • Filter search results by file type, keywords, categories, and countless metadata fields you determine.
  • Manage your digital assets easier with workflow approvals, access permissions, and expiration dates.
  • Rest easy knowing you can share images and photos securely using secure web portals and download links in an image database.
  • Make your digital assets available to outside parties through customized portals for branded viewing of important assets.
  • Access your digital assets through desktops, tablets or mobile so you can view assets on-the-go
  • Run reports based on file downloads, sharing history, user activity and image usage.

The Power of Enterprise Search


A chief feature of digital asset management software is the ability to search a collection of images via their attached metadata, and restrict the results based on that metadata. Whether searching by subject, digital rights information or customized workflow fields, DAM offers search capabilities that will help deliver the images from your library that your personnel need, when they need them.

DAM adds metadata tagging and search capabilities to traditional file management schemas. Metadata is information about a file – this can be digital rights management information, standard metadata schemas used for digital image tagging, geospatial information, approval stage levels and/or any custom information your organization can imagine.

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