Video Add-Ons

Powerful extras to create and share video content at scale

Digital video asset with dialog boxes for video transcription and smart tags.

Canto includes basic video compatibility right out of the box, but teams that rely more heavily on video content need a little bit more. ​​Canto’s video add-ons take your Canto library beyond the basics — adding time-saving video features that make it even easier to create, manage, and share high-quality video content.

Highlighting of smart tags in a digital video of a surfer

Video Smart Tags

AI-powered image recognition finds objects in videos and tags them automatically. Smart tags are timestamped, so you can easily find the perfect clips for any project — without manually scrolling through the whole video.

Collection of digital assets as search result of facial recognition function

Facial Recognition

Looking for video clips of the CEO? An event speaker? A specific model or actor? With Canto’s facial recognition for video, every clip they appear in is just a few clicks away.

Video of a wind surfer with dialog box for automatic captioning of videos

Automatic Captioning

Need captioned content? Not a problem. Set your Canto library to automatically generate captions in different languages from any video’s audio track.

Video assets in a DAM; one video with a paragliding person shown enlarged in front

Embed Video From Canto

Host videos in Canto to embed on your website or eCommerce platform. Canto’s content delivery network automatically optimizes your videos for online viewing.

If your brand relies on video content, make sure you’re tapping into all the video functionality Canto has to offer.

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