Secure file transfer

How organizations safely share digital assets

Secure file transfer

Increases confident sharing

The more confident users are with sensitive data, the more willing they are to send files to multiple users.

The safety of cloud sharing

Sharing files via the cloud can leave users vulnerable if they’re not using a secure cloud system.

Secure systems are needed

In the modern, digital era, you need a secure file sharing system to share files. Choose a system that specializes in secure sharing.

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Secure file transfer explained

Secure file transfer is a way for one user to send a sensitive data file to another user over a network. Secure file transfer is typically part of a secure file transfer protocol, which oversees many actions users take with files. Ultimately, they are initiated confidently and resolve without issue.

Why is secure file transfer capability so important?

Broadcasting data over an exposed platform brings about security risks – and this is exactly what you’re doing when you share files. These transmissions put companies in danger of information misuse. Sharing files on unsecured servers also increases disclosure of passwords and private information. This is one of many reasons secured sharing is a must.

Common file transfer mistakes happen with FTP servers that send sensitive data. However, lesser-known vulnerabilities exist on popular file sharing websites as well. Cloud storage systems are on the rise and they offer companies quick access to secure file sharing. The convenience of these tools overshadows the lack of data protection during the file transfer process.

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Collaborative considerations

When users are capable of sending files securely, they can open up their sharing to include internal and external users. This extends the range and scope of a project, as more users are involved. It also aligns team members on a campaign and enhances efficiency. Finally, it helps team members meet goals and deadlines.

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Secure file transfer software

Secure file transfers sometimes necessitate third party software, which usually operates in the cloud. Canto’s digital asset management (DAM) system provides the ability to transfer files while increasing data security. Finally, DAM uses Amazon Web Services – an elite security cloud system – to further reinforce its efforts to offer safe file sharing.

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