Secure File Transfer


How digital asset management helps securely transfer files to your organization’s employees, collaborators, and stakeholders.

File Transfer Service Risks


Personal file sharing services for storing and transferring files are at greater risk for malware attacks, which put company digital assets and networks at risk. For a business to successfully reduce data leakage and digital compliance violations, a digital asset management (DAM) system is necessary.

DAM is an efficient way to store and share files while cutting down on service risks. Using a DAM ensures that your organization’s files are always visible and under the control of the IT department, marketing team or brand manager.

secure file transfer
secure file transfer

Secure File Transfer Software


It’s difficult to manage your digital assets when newer content versions are sent through messaging channels or emails. With a digital asset management system, you’re able to securely and seamlessly send large files. Tracking crucial information – such as how many times a file has been downloaded or whether it was received – helps to better manage content.

You’ll know how content is accessed by clients and outside partners. Once collaborators have completed work on a digital asset, upload links make it simple to submit new versions of files for approval.

Share Digital Assets Securely


DAM solutions streamline collaborative workflows by making digital assets easy to locate, share and distribute. Content is organized on a visual grid by file type, but you can also search through files using custom terms that allow team members to find content quickly.

With branded portals, it’s possible to share large files with anyone. Users can take approved content and share it through their social media accounts and publishing platforms. During the content distribution process, you’ll know exactly who has accessed the content and where it has been shared.

digital asset management

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