Secure File Transfer


How digital asset management promotes secure file transfer in organizations.

File Transfer Risks


Sharing files inherently comes with security risks. Sensitive data is broadcast over an exposed platform, putting companies in danger of cyber attacks and information misuse. Sharing files on unsecured servers also increases the chance of unintentional disclosure of passwords and private information.

Common file transfer mistakes include using e-mail or FTP servers to transmit sensitive company data, but lesser-known vulnerabilities exist on popular file sharing websites as well. Cloud storage systems are on the rise, and they offer companies quick access to file sharing. The convenience of these tools is overshadowed by their lack of complete security to protect data during the file transfer process.

secure file transfer
secure file transfer

Secure File Transfer Solution


Canto’s digital asset management reduces data leaks and prevents digital compliance violations. It provides the same ability to transfer files as other file sharing software but it adds layers of top-notch security to the process. To round out its elaborate security features, Canto DAM utilizes Amazon Web Services, an elite security cloud system.

DAM ensures that your organization’s files are always visible and under control of administrators. It uses portals to safely facilitate file transfers, and sets customizable expiration dates on links to increase regulation of shared files. It also protects copyrighted content by adding terms and conditions to files.

DAM Benefits Extend Beyond Security


Digital assets are easy to locate and share within a DAM. The use of metadata lets users search by keywords to find valuable assets before securely sharing them. Content is safely stored in a central location as well, streamlining workflows and projects.

DAM stores files in a powerful cloud system that allows users to access important assets from numerous devices and locations. This boosts the ability to share files securely with outside collaborators. These valuable tools provide efficient ways to transfer files in a tightly-secured environment on the DAM.


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