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With Canto, the team at Aberdeen gets more use out of insightful research content

Aberdeen Strategy & Research provides independent research insights on B2B technology across business areas including IT, cybersecurity, customer experience, analytics, ERP, and manufacturing. Their research illuminates market realities and informs data-driven business decisions.

Sarah Gaffney, Aberdeen’s manager of research data & operations, and Brian Michelotti, Aberdeen’s director of content strategy, work to support experts in each of the markets the research firm serves, overseeing operations for data collection and analysis, external communication, and research organization. That includes managing a large (and growing) collection of research content — from reports to webinars and infographics — that make their research insights easy to understand and implement.

The goal

The team at Aberdeen needed a way to make thousands of reports easily accessible to internal and external stakeholders.

The result

Aberdeen employees, clients, and prospective clients can quickly find, read, and share research assets in Canto. Now that it's easy to access, Aberdeen’s content gets used more — increasing its ROI.

The goal: Help people find the right research quickly

Sarah, Brian, and the rest of the Aberdeen team create highly visual research reports packed with data relevant to their market segments. Everyone at Aberdeen needs quick access to all those reports and supporting materials — to both publish the research online and provide a portfolio of existing work to current and prospective clients.

Before the team created a content hub in Canto, sales, marketing and customer success teams had no easy way to learn about the areas the research team was writing about. They had to search in multiple places or ask around to find out what content might cover specific topics.

Sarah and Brian knew they needed a better way to find relevant research insights and share them with clients. Their content library was massive and growing steadily, and they needed an easier way to manage it all.

The Aberdeen website homepage.

Enter Canto, an all-in-one research hub

Aberdeen now stores all its research reports, knowledge briefs, webinars, infographics, and interactive content in Canto. The centralized, searchable research hub empowers Aberdeen team members, partners, and clients to self-serve, accessing the content they need directly without having to go through someone else.

Robust search features surface the right content in seconds

With over 20,000 digital assets in their library, Sarah and Brian are thrilled with Canto’s advanced search and filtering options. The team relies on custom metadata to ensure assets are easily searchable for internal and external stakeholders.

“The metadata includes the analyst who wrote the piece, the client who it was originally written for, the research type, and also recommended use — as in how our clients could use this throughout their marketing funnel,” Sarah explains.

With all that detail, it’s now easier than ever for the Aberdeen team to find the perfect content to support their clients’ needs.

“Being able to quickly search by keyword for research dating back years is tremendously valuable for real-time data capture,” says Brian. “Not only has this sped up our workflows, but it keeps everything organized in a central source of information.”

Research report files in Aberdeen's Canto library.

Canto’s Wrike integration gets new research into circulation faster

Each Aberdeen report is the result of a complex creative process, all coordinated in the project management platform Wrike. The last step of the workflow: Getting the finished report out of Wrike and into the research library, where people can find it and use it.

In the past, the team struggled to find time to transfer files and detailed metadata by hand from one system to another. It could take months to get new content into circulation.

Canto’s Wrike integration changed all that. Now, as soon as a project finishes, Sarah and Brian’s team can save it to their Canto library directly from Wrike. They simply select the files they want to move to Canto, enter the metadata, and click upload.

“It used to be this super tedious process, where you basically had to take the puzzle apart and put it back together somewhere else,” says Sarah. “Now, with Canto and Wrike working together, it’s more like you’re moving the whole puzzle over. It’s so much easier.”

Shareable links enable greater asset exposure internally and externally

Sarah and Brian conduct research (yes, research on research reports!) and collect data to gain insights on the assets that are performing well. This data allows the team to optimize the content they produce in the future.

They are also avid users of the different types of shareable links Canto provides. This helps expand the impact of Canto for people inside and outside the organization who don’t have access to the platform.

“Having the ability to create external links that refer back to related research makes it easy for readers to dive into similar topics that may be of interest,” said Brian. “These links make internal sharing through messaging and newsletters easier and more engaging. We can link thumbnails that live online, rather than manual uploads and downloads, saving hard drive space and keeping things organized across all our research.“

Canto Portal used for the Aberdeen Research Library.

Sarah Gaffney

Success for our team is making sure that our analysts are able to find the data right away. With Canto, they can get reports off to the client as quickly as possible.

Sarah GaffneyManager of Research Data and Operations

The result: Wider reach and greater impact

Aberdeen has reached peak efficiency by empowering internal users and external stakeholders to self-serve in Canto. The results have been exactly what the team was looking for:

  • The Aberdeen team now spends 10x less time searching for content
  • Greater efficiency means lower content management costs
  • Now that it’s easy to find, research content gets used more — increasing its ROI

“Success for our team is making sure that the data for all of our surveys is easily accessible and that our analysts are able to find the data right away. With Canto, they can get reports off to the client as quickly as possible to keep things flowing smoothly,” says Sarah.

Canto has not only eliminated painstaking asset retrieval workflows, but also enables the Aberdeen team to maximize the impact of the content they create.