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Montecchio Maggiore, Vicenza, Italy


Canto helps Bisazza put its best designs forward

Founded in 1957, Bisazza is one of the world’s leading luxury brands in the design sector and an innovative leader in the production of glass mosaic for interior and exterior decoration. Today, the company offers a wide range of luxury décor and furnishings suitable for any living and outdoor area. Its distinctive products and collaborations with some of the world’s most renowned designers express a unique style that brings a contemporary flair to classic designs. Based in Italy, Bisazza has flagship stores in Milan, Paris, London, and New York and works with distributors around the world.

The goal

Centralize and organize content, so digital assets can be located and distributed more efficiently.

The result

Canto’s folders and metadata features make it easy to organize and quickly locate Bisazza’s digital content, while helping to maintain consistency across the company.

The goal: More flexibly manage a large and complex digital archive

As a highly visual design company, Bisazza has a vast archive of images and multimedia content, as well as technical product details and sales-related materials. Seeking more control over how those digital assets were distributed and archived, the Bisazza marketing department began searching for a new digital asset management platform. After evaluating several options, they were excited to partner with Canto.

“We found Canto’s combination of folders and metadata very convincing for our archiving purposes,” the team recalls. “Considering most of our customers are either sales agents or representatives, we also thought that a product with a very intuitive user interface was the best fit for us.”

Canto’s metadata import feature made it easy to migrate Bisazza’s vast content archive into a single source of truth. Assets could be uploaded and bulk tagged all at once, which allowed the team to keep its metadata consistent and easily updatable in the future.

A photograph of the Bisazza store in Milan, Italy, with the walls decked out in beautiful mosaics on a dark blue background.

Canto helps Bisazza organize, find, and share impactful content

Bisazza’s digital assets consist of material from photo shoots for product advertising, documentation for various events, and collaborations with world-renowned designers. Each product collection is typically accompanied by a collection of still-life pictures, ambient shots, and other images used for editorial purposes.

The library includes approximately:

  • 1,300 documents, ranging from technical sheets and price lists to marketing content and design presentations.
  • 100 videos of events, grand openings, and product descriptions.
  • 13,000 images, including still-life photography, archived historical imagery, and advertising content.

Bulk metadata imports and approval features help manage a large library

In order to manage that vast array of assets, Bisazza used Canto to upload metadata from specially prepared spreadsheet files. The platform’s bulk upload features made it easy to edit and update metadata at any time to ensure that files were easy to locate with a simple search.

“Canto’s metadata import feature really helped us,” the team says. “We had the chance to prepare our metadata in advance and apply it in bulk to collections of images.”

When new assets are uploaded to Canto, they are quickly reviewed to maintain quality and consistency. Approved assets are then sorted into the proper folders and portals for easy access and distribution. Non-approved assets go to the archives to ensure they’re not lost, but they are not shared with any users.

“Canto, with its approval system, allows us to be certain that we are sharing only the correct and approved version, avoiding any mistakes.”

A photograph of the Bisazza store in New York City, featuring large wall panels to showcase their artistry.

Putting digital content at everyone’s fingertips

Consolidating assets within a single source of truth not only made it easier to locate specific files with a quick tag or metadata search, but also redefined the way people within the company access and use content. Canto’s powerful tools allowed multiple departments to adjust assets to meet their unique needs without sacrificing quality or creating version confusion.

“Introducing new systems is never easy, but once our users grasped how Canto could facilitate and speed up their work with assets, they were happy to use it.” the team says.

When Bisazza launches a new collection, it now uses Canto’s portal feature to place the assets associated with those products in a dedicated location that can be accessed by all of the company’s foreign branches. This shared resource ensures that everyone will be accessing the same content, such as images, price lists, tech sheets, and training books. More importantly, they know that content will be up-to-date and consistent across the company.

A screenshot of the image library of Bisazza with photographs showcasing their most beautiful arrangements and installations.

With content on the website linked to Canto, updates are easier than ever

In addition to making it easy to keep internal content updated, Canto’s API connection has streamlined the process for managing product information on the Bisazza website, as well. For many customers, the company’s website is an excellent resource for both technical information about products and instructions on how to use them properly.

Thanks to Canto’s API connection, product resources on the website could link directly back to the main asset library.

“The most fundamental integration is the API connection of all the documents related to a product on our website,” the team says. “It’s fundamental for us that for all the products we show, we have a corresponding correct technical sheet. When our technical office updates the tech sheet PDFs on Canto, our website gets automatically updated.”

A screenshot of the image library of Bisazza with pictures of their various mosaic tiles in detail.

The Canto platform has been an excellent tool to help manage a vast and complex archive like ours.

Bisazza Marketing Team

The result: A reliable system that offers ease of use and flexibility

Consolidating Bisazza’s assets into a single source of truth has allowed the team to ensure its content is always up-to-date and approved for sharing, while spending far less time searching for assets.

“Canto has offered us ease of use and flexibility, and really responded to our needs.” the Bisazza marketing team says. “The Canto platform has been an excellent tool to help manage a vast and complex archive like ours.”