Success story

Bruce Lee Enterprises




Los Angeles, CA


Bruce Lee Enterprises manages assets for TV, film and educational purposes

The goal

Bruce Lee Enterprises needed to manage their extensive archive of digital assets and memorabilia.

The result

The team now has an organized digital media library and can easily share assets.


Bruce Lee Enterprises needed a digital asset management system to manage their vast collection of Bruce Lee digital assets and memorabilia. File server and dropbox solutions were leading to misplaced and duplicate images, and didn’t provide a way to link their digital asset collection to their on-premise physical archive. Furthermore, they needed a means to safely and securely share assets with outside parties for television and film research projects, merchandising activities and museum initiatives.

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Bruce Lee Enterprises chose Canto to archive their digital asset collection and proceeded to set up a robust asset keyword and tagging schema to easily identify and locate files for internal use and outside requests. They were also able to link their digital archive to their physical archive through a tagging system that correlates the location of physical assets stored in cabinets, drawers and folders to digital asset counterparts. With share links, they can easily distribute assets to outside parties and set expiration dates on those links.

Canto has proven itself to be just an exceptional tool for us, allowing us to easily, safely and securely organize digital assets to share them with stakeholders and licensing partners.

Jess ScottArchivist / Marketing Specialist

Bruce Lee’s dedicated archivist is now able to expertly manage their digital and physical collections. She provides streamlined sharing and access to images and other digital assets for film and television projects, merchandising activities and museum initiatives, as well as the core function of preserving the special and enduring legacy of Bruce Lee.