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Danner strengthens retail relationships with Canto Portals

It’s an exciting time to be in the Danner team’s boots! As the footwear brand comes up on 80 years as a premier manufacturer of outdoor and work boots, Danner is more in-demand than ever. Danner has helped pioneer the footwear industry as the first brand to make weather-protected shoes with GORE-TEX 40 years ago, and continues to power the lifestyles of nature enthusiasts, hunters, law enforcement and military officials alike. Paired with the brand’s success is the need to manage the stunning, aspirational imagery the team uses in campaigns that drive brand allegiance and inspire consumers to imagine Danner boots as part of their active lifestyles.

Jeff Williamson, Danner’s creative producer, leads the marketing team’s project production – including the roll out of Danner’s fresh look and slogan, “Go There,” which conveys the powerful functionality of their hand-crafted boots. The team runs both print and digital campaigns, including social media and influencer campaigns, year-round to reach a diverse customer base.

The goal

Danner needed an easy way to distribute brand assets to their sales team and retailers.

The result

The brand simplified sales enablement by using Canto Portals with a central hub for all assets.

Goal: Distribute brand assets to sales team and retailers

The marketing team was using an outdated custom-built platform and using Dropbox folders to house their files, but the company’s growth meant that their needs outmatched the capabilities of their aging application. The team wasted too much time digging through countless folders for content and trying to troubleshoot their dated custom-built solution.

“Our old tool had limitations that severely limited our work. We had an outdated photo storage and content management tool that was custom built for us, but was years past its prime and cumbersome to use,” says Jeff.

That wasn’t the only thing driving the urgent need for an update. As a quickly expanding brand, Danner also required an easy way to share brand assets with sales representatives and their growing number of retail partners.

“We were in need of a quick hit location where our retail partners and sales representatives could access our content,” says Jeff.

When Jeff joined the Danner team, he made it his personal project to find a modern DAM that could grow with the brand.

Danner's digital asset library in Canto

Enter Canto: Helping their content "Go There"

Danner chose Canto to manage and share their media library, including product and lifestyle photography, digital catalogs, logos and videos, because it was the best solution that fit the team’s needs at its price.

“Canto’s simplicity and ease of use were important factors in our decision,” says Jeff. “Canto has become the go-to place to get the content we need. It’s easier and faster than the previous alternative.”

Now, the team has a central location for all their visual asset needs as well as an easy way to share assets with nationwide sales representatives and hundreds of retail partners.

User-friendly and intuitive

With Canto’s layered search and filtering features, it’s fast and easy for team members to find what they need – which means that Jeff no longer has to spend time answering questions or troubleshooting. Canto is so easy to use that it takes less than 20 minutes to get new users up and running.

“I used to spend so much time answering questions about our old tool, but there are almost no questions or concerns now. Canto is self-explanatory and easy to use,” says Jeff.

Simple sharing, sales enablement and retail distribution

Danner's portal in Canto

Sharing assets is easy for both the marketing team and whoever needs to access content, whether that’s the sales team or retail and wholesale partners.

“We have dozens of national sales reps and they all have hundreds of wholesale accounts. We’ve set up custom public Portals for our sales reps,” says Jeff.

“Sometimes, we’ll work with vendors and they need access to different assets, or we’ll work with a photographer who needs to reference older shoots we’ve done; that’s usually where I direct them to.”

There’s no need for a back-and-forth exchange of email attachments when a sales rep needs assets to show a wholesale account, or a retailer needs images for marketing or promotions. The sales rep or retailer can search for anything they might need in Danner’s easy-to-navigate, branded Portal, and the marketing team can control what’s accessible there.

“For example, a REI-type store might carry 20 of our products and need imagery to put up on their website. Instead of photographing the boots themselves, they’ll just pull it from our library,” says Jeff.

This sleek and professional way of sharing imagery with retailers makes it easy for stores to promote and sell Danner’s products, strengthening the brand’s relationships with their wholesalers and retailers.

Jeff Williamson, Creative Producer at Danner.

Canto has become the go-to place to get the content we need. It’s easier and faster than the previous alternative.

Jeff WilliamsonCreative Producer

Results: Set it and forget it!

Canto has completely transformed the way Danner shares assets with the sales team and retailers, and Jeff already has other ideas for using Canto to simplify other areas of the business.

“I’m happy with how we’re using Canto Portals, and excited about new ways to move forward with Canto,” says Jeff. “I’m planning on setting up a custom public relations Portal with our head of PR.”

“We appreciate having an application that does exactly what we hoped it would do. Compared to our old tool, which caused a fair number of headaches, Canto helps us forget about any of the issues that might come with a DAM,” says Jeff.

By eliminating headaches and simplifying workflows, Canto helps Danner’s content ‘go there’ – wherever that needs to be.