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Falcon Structures creates a smoother sales experience

Falcon Structures is helping to revolutionize the construction industry with their modular container-based structures. From simple air-conditioned storage units to the building blocks for multi-story sports stadiums, Falcon provides modern alternatives to traditional construction. Due to the customizable nature of the structures and the wide breadth of options available, visual assets are critical to how the company markets and sells to prospective customers.

Krista Short, marketing director at Falcon Structures, runs the company’s marketing team and spearheads their sales enablement efforts. To get ahead of the company’s growth, she made the decision to invest in a digital asset management (DAM) solution that would help the marketing and sales teams flow seamlessly.

The goal

The marketing team needed to keep their files organized and under control as the company grew.

The result

The sales team is fully enabled to provide a seamless, end-to-end experience for prospects and customers.

Goal: Sales and marketing encouraged by file organization

The Falcon team initially relied on Google Drive as the primary source of knowledge across the company. As the company created more content, their asset library grew unwieldy and disorganized. Team members would look to Krista as the source of knowledge for where all assets were located, but this was unsustainable and slowed down workflows.

“We have a ton of projects that go through our team daily, weekly, monthly, and they all get photographed. When we started logging photos, things got even worse. Project photos are often critical to making the sale, so I needed a way to categorize them that was not only helpful for marketing but also for the sales team,” said Krista.

Searching for the right photos in Google Drive became so cumbersome that it hindered the sales process.

“It would take us up to half an hour to find the right folder and image in Google Drive and it added up. Oftentimes, the sales team would just give up searching for an asset.”

Enter Canto: Effective sales enablement starts with DAM

Knowing that the problem would only get worse as the company grew, Krista led the charge to invest in a digital asset management (DAM) solution. She chose Canto for its simplicity and user-friendliness.

“Canto is the greatest value for the price for anything I researched, and it’s extremely user-friendly. We’re a small company that didn’t need something overly complicated. We just needed something with great functionality, and Canto met this purpose,” said Krista.

Today, Falcon has a centralized and organized digital asset library in Canto that won’t grow out of control even as the company continues to create more content. The user-friendly product experience and onboarding provided by customer support made it easy for the team to get started right away.

Falcon Structures Canto Image Library

“Canto is very intuitive, so I didn’t have a problem jumping right in. I didn’t expect the onboarding to go so smoothly! The implementation process with the Canto team helped us learn tips and tricks that made it even easier. For new employees, we just have them watch the recorded trainings,” said Krista.

Canto makes sales enablement a streamlined, positive experience for both the marketing and sales teams. The sales portal makes it easy for the sales team to find what they need quickly, even while they are communicating with prospects and in the field.

“We make sure that everything sales needs to see is in the portal. They can only see and use what they need to on a daily basis, which makes the user experience much easier. It works really well for us,” said Krista.

For example, the sales team can now easily find images of shipping container configurations with very specific features that a prospective customer wants, and simply share these images via a Canto link that directs the prospect to a professional, Falcon-branded interface with the images. The sales team also frequently uses Canto’s Google Chrome plug-in to drag and drop images directly from Canto into email conversations with prospects and customers, further simplifying their workflows.

In addition, Canto was invaluable in Falcon’s recent rebranding project, which included an entire website refresh. They worked with an external agency to create the new website, so having this centralized digital asset library where the agency could self-serve saved Krista and her team an immense amount of time during this critical project.

“I don’t know if I could have even begun to tackle the recent Falcon Structures rebrand and new website with an outside agency without Canto. It would have been a frustrating and time consuming process to locate and share the assets they needed. Instead, I simply gave them access to Canto as a consumer and let them find whatever they needed themselves. Everything that’s in Canto is already marketing approved, so it made the whole process a lot smoother,” said Krista.

Krista Short, Marketing Director at Falcon

Our success with Canto has been defined by providing a streamlined, professional and collaborative experience for our customers, vendors and partners. Canto has taken the guesswork and stress out of digital asset management.

Krista ShortMarketing Director

Results: A sales experience to be proud of

For marketing, success means a professional and smooth beginning-to-end sales and fulfillment process. Canto’s greatest benefit to the team is in facilitating a streamlined sales process that not only provides a positive experience for the customer, but reflects well on Falcon as a company.

“A prospect might come to us and say, ‘We have a particular style of office that we’re looking for with this unique feature, which might be an oddball thing for you.’ And our sales team can say, ‘Actually we’ve done something very similar for another customer – in fact, I have a photograph that I can share with you.’ To be able to easily search for that particular product and then email it over was just unheard of with Google Drive, but we can do that with Canto,” said Krista.

Best of all, the whole team uses Canto to find what they need or to share assets quickly and easily. This means that Krista no longer deals with asset requests, and the marketing and sales teams can work together seamlessly.

“I have not heard any complaints, which is a really great thing. I know the team uses it and that makes me very happy,” said Krista.

“Our success with Canto has been defined by providing a streamlined, professional and collaborative experience for our customers, vendors and partners. Canto has taken the guesswork and stress out of digital asset management.”