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Leidschendam, Netherlands


Geo-data specialists Fugro unite teams and standardize their brand globally with Canto

Since 1962, Fugro has built a reputation as the leading geo-data specialists that help their customers understand the Earth better. Working with clients in both the public and private sectors around the world, Fugro has gathered data from as deep as below the sea floor to as far away as into space. The organization helps ensure that their clients’ projects, from wind farms to transportation networks, are environmentally safe.

Corporate House Style Manager Rob Spence has been at Fugro for more than ten years. Starting as a Geophysicist, Rob became involved with the marketing and communications team during a brand standardization project. It was the beginning of a career shift for Rob, which eventually led to the creation of his current role. Having experience with the technical and marketing sides, Rob understands how to enable scientists and other experts working in offices around the world to stay on-brand.

The goal

Fugro sought to transform their disjointed brand into a united one. They needed a tool to manage their digital assets—a single source of truth that could be accessed anywhere.

The result

Since the implementation, Fugro has seen 4x growth in Canto adoption. Brand consistency is greatly improved, efficiency has increased throughout the organization, and workflows are now streamlined.

Goal: Leverage the launch of a new logo and branding to unite all Fugro employees and offices under one single source of truth

As a holding entity with independently run offices worldwide, there was a lack of brand unity or cohesion. This caused confusion and impacted the brand experience for global customers who worked with Fugro in multiple locations. It was time for a change that would unite all the offices and bring them together finally as part of one Fugro.

“Fugro recognized that the business was going through the transformation of becoming one company and wanted a system that replicated that,” says Rob.

With the goal of a unified brand in sight, the team knew this was the opportunity to enable employees, regardless of location or department, to access the new, modern brand and use it effectively.

“In the past, we had people that would create studies or other project files, but no one knew it existed because it was saved locally and not shared outside of that office. When someone else needed that file but couldn’t locate it, they’d recreate the same document—and it may happen five or six times,” says Rob. “We wanted to avoid the duplication of work and create a more streamlined process so that our employees could focus more of their time on their work.”

Woman wearing a hijab and headphones sits in front of two computer screens reviewing undersea pipe footage and documents.

Fugro’s website was in need of modernization. And with the duplication of work, various versions of the same document ended up on their website multiple times, leading to inconsistencies and outdated versions clogging up the site and slowing performance.

“As Fugro transitioned into one company, we needed a tool that could work across the globe,” says Rob. “We needed to provide a single source of truth with quick and easy access to our brand, brand guidelines, and digital assets for our employees.”

Enter Canto: Everything Fugro needed and more

The team at Fugro sought the best-in-class digital asset management solution to handle the massive project of unifying their brand for their employees and customers—and found Canto.

With Canto, Fugro found everything they needed right away to kick off the unification process. And they discovered more that Canto offered outside of their original scope that helped change the way they manage their digital assets.

Fugro implements Canto – and user adoption grows by 4x

Once Canto was implemented, Fugro experienced widespread adoption, quickly making Canto the single source of truth that Fugro absolutely needed. And Fugro found a welcomed surprise – with the addition of the Canto + Microsoft Office integrations, user adoption skyrocketed, quadrupling over two years.

Fugro was also seeing more user-generated content from their employees because having Canto at their fingertips made it so much easier to share.

Five Fugro employees examine a geological specimen inside the Fugro office.

“We do take professional photographs, but it can be hard to when the project is at a remote site or out on a vessel,” says Rob. “We want employees to take photographs of their work and share them with us. By having easy access to Canto, they can see other employees uploading their images, which motivates others to contribute as well.”

Upload links and the Wrike integration make project management easy

Canto’s Wrike integration was a must-have for Fugro’s marketing team. And considering the different types of projects and collateral that had to be managed both on the website and in the content library, having their project management tool hooked into their Canto library proved vital to their process.

“Having the Wrike integration really solidified Canto as our single source of truth,” says Rob. “If any of our projects need updating, you can bring in what you need directly from Canto. Then, once it’s complete, you can just send it right back to the content library. It saves us from having to go through the download-upload process over and over again.”

Canto’s Media Delivery Cloud delivers a seamless website experience

In mid-2023, Fugro launched their new website after starting the redesign from scratch. This multiyear effort modernized the entire website with a focus on visuals and the people of Fugro. The website launch was a major success, thanks to Canto’s Media Delivery Cloud add-on, which gave the team at Fugro the freedom they needed to use their assets on their website.

Three images from the Fugro content library within their instance of Canto’s Media Delivery Cloud.

“Media Delivery Cloud allows us to select one image and then crop it, resize it based on where it’s going the website without editing that master image,” says Rob. “That really speeds up the load times of the website. And there’s no duplicate images in our Canto library and on our website. Now, we don’t have to make an update twice. Once we update in our Canto library, everything updates seamlessly.”

Rob Spence, Corporate House Style Manager at Fugro

Without Canto, everything would take a lot longer, would be a lot less streamlined, and a lot less collaborative. Canto provides a platform to know what's happening and see what people are doing. If you don’t know, you can’t collaborate.

Rob SpenceCorporate House Style Manager

Results: Brand consistency and user adoption flourishing

“Without Canto, everything would take a lot longer, would be a lot less streamlined, and a lot less collaborative,” says Rob. “Canto provides a platform to know what’s happening and see what people are doing. If you don’t know, you can’t collaborate.”

Fugro has reached a level of brand consistency that was previously unattainable given the fractionated nature of their business prior to unifying their brand with Canto. The results they achieved were what the team was looking for, and so much more, including:

  • 4x increase in the number of Canto users at Fugro, leading to greater amounts of user-generated content, especially from employees at remote sites
  • Updating the website using Canto’s Media Delivery Cloud for a fast, modern, streamlined site without outdated collateral
  • Increased efficiency thanks to improved workflows that allow the marketing team to create on-brand content that is easily accessible for everyone across the organization

While Fugro has made immense strides in becoming a unified company, with a unified brand and a single source of truth for their content, Rob and his team are always looking toward the future and making even more improvements with Canto.

Fugro’s fully branded instance of Canto, including a view of the Blue Essence folder with several photos of the remote boat on the ocean.

“Since we’ve implemented Canto, you can see the growth and the work that’s been done on adding in new integrations, adding new bits and pieces, and over the past three years,” says Rob. “It’s not the same product it was when we took it – in a good way. All these extra additions and extra product development work that’s been done since, that’ll be really helpful for us. It’s not staying static.

With good open communication from our account manager, we can get in there early and give it a go. The team is practical in helping us with that, and technical support is very helpful, too. We feel more like a partner than just a client.”

In the future, Rob and his team look forward to implementing new integrations and add-ons, like AI Visual Search, to continue his vision of an ever-evolving Fugro.