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Rome, Italy


Ghella connects creative teams across five continents with Canto

Founded in 1894, Ghella is a leading Company in the construction of major infrastructure projects worldwide, mainly in Europe, the Americas, Oceania and the Far East. With its unique skills and experience in underground works, Ghella is involved in the construction of subways, railways, motorways, major roads and significant water and hydraulic works.

Gilberto Millan is the Web and Multimedia Coordinator at Ghella and works in the special project division. Part of a dynamic communication team, Gilberto oversees the company’s digital image across all platforms. His focus areas are design, public relations and multimedia.

The goal

Ghella needed to connect an international content team and transform how they collaborate across five continents and multiple digital channels.

The result

Canto has given Ghella a consolidated space to accurately store, document and share their digital assets globally.

Goal: Unite international teams

In 2018, Gilberto recognized a need to bring thousands of multifunctional assets together to deliver a united message. It was time to find a digital asset management (DAM) solution that worked for Ghella as they evolved their brand online.

Freedom of movement, energy preservation and natural resources are at the forefront of each construction project. These are passion areas the team is proud to promote across digital platforms that include apps and interfaces, as well as more common channels like social media. Gilberto believes in communicating a message that encompasses company values.

“We have many wizards creating and producing content in our department, and they are versatile. Now we can work as one task force, but to do this, we first needed an asset management solution that could facilitate how we want to coordinate digital projects like website page launches, news reports and social media campaigns. Before Canto, coordination between international teams was a problem for us.”

To be more effective with their document and campaign launches Ghella needed a unified and central storage space that could house thousands of assets.

“Before Canto, our assets belonged in the locations they were created,” Gilberto says. “We are a global company that has multiple functions, but we are also one Ghella. Two years ago I realized it was important we unified and consolidated our assets, instead of storing them on hard drives or servers. Thousands of our images were being kept in so many places. As our team grew, capacities were being reached.”

Enter Canto: Flexible and coordinated asset storage

The initial implementation of Canto only took a couple of weeks, but the impact has been sizable. 100,000 assets are now stored centrally and are easily accessible to an international team who often move in different creative directions.

“Our team of creatives transforms ideas, designs and thoughts from all over the world,” Gilberto says, “and they produce content for all of our communicative channels. Canto is right for us because it’s user-friendly, fast and responsive to our sharing needs. It is a tool that helps us expand our digital aspirations worldwide.”

Notification and tagging features unify teams

Alerts have been key in notifying team members when content is stored and ready for viewing in Canto. This has helped colleagues sync up on projects, like the launch of a mobile gallery app.

“Our gallery represents a selection of content we are proud to communicate with all of our clients, Gilberto says. “For us, the mobile app showcases Ghella’s history, and it fits in your pocket.”

Drag and drop features make transferring assets seamless. Gilberto and his team have developed a tier tagging system to keep track of and identify key digital assets like photos, video, logos and templates.

“Smart Tags help us with generic information which can easily get lost, this is very helpful. Then we have tags that are specific to colleagues and make our assets user-friendly. We also have tags that represent a specific event, geotagging is good in this way for location, and recognizing our TBM machines, this is important to us.”

Facial recognition features

On the fourth of December Ghella enjoyed the celebration of Santa Barbara, a catholic figure and patron saint of underground workers, artillery men, armors, miners and firefighters. This celebration took place via live stream and included Italy, Australia and Argentina as country hosts.

“Canto allows us to transfer the memory of our construction builds to our website,” Gilberto says, “and we can use it to document celebrations. It also enables us to represent safety measures we value so highly and circularly share this information.”

Canto gives Ghella control over how they share information both internally and externally. With Portals, team members can control what they share and give public access to content reflective of Ghella’s development.

“With the Portals tool there is an aesthetic we can control in real-time as we give open access to content, whilst keeping control of admin rights,” Gilberto says.

Facial recognition is another feature of Canto that makes light work of mass volumes of asset storage.

“Facial recognition was a game-changer. It allowed us to document the historic face of Ghella – this has been very influential.”

Canto is flexible, for us this was important as in the past we could not join the creative dots or connect teams worldwide because of various systems and integrations. Canto has the right flexibility for us.

Gilberto MilanWeb and Multimedia Coordinator

Results: A global content team fully connected

Today, content teams around the world create and share assets via Canto tools like share links and Portals. Teammates upload directly to their website and automatically inform one another with notifications that mean assets are easily found and delivered on time.

“Canto is flexible, for us this was important as in the past we could not join the creative dots or connect teams worldwide because of various systems and integrations. Canto has the right flexibility for us.”