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Inspirits Premium Drinks and Bruggeman expedite asset requests with Canto Portals

Inspirits Premium Drinks and Bruggeman market a wide variety of high-quality spirits, such as Glen Moray, Label 5 and Porto CRUZ. With over 50 brands in their portfolio, and over 100 years of industry experience, Inspirits and Bruggeman have proven themselves to be long-standing distributors in Belgium, the Netherlands and Luxembourg.

Boy Buijsman is the Digital Manager for Inspirits and Bruggeman. In his role, he focuses on digital marketing strategy. Boy is primarily responsible for managing social media accounts, website development, digital campaigns and campaign landing pages.

The goal

When Inspirits and Bruggeman combined marketing efforts, they needed to centralize thousands of content pieces that were once kept separate.

The result

The marketing team now uses Canto to share approved content from the Inspirits and Bruggeman portfolio, allowing them to focus on building brand awareness through partner and client relationships.

Goal: Align branded materials between two marketing teams

Inspirits, a Netherlands-based distribution organization, and Bruggeman, a Belgian distillery, have a wide range of brands in their portfolio. When the marketing teams partnered together, they discovered that their digital asset storage and access methods hindered the new partnership.

In their previous system, Inspirits and Bruggeman kept brand assets in separate locations. When they teamed up, it was impossible to access the myriad of content they produced for their brands.

“There was not a connection between our servers, so if something was stored on Bruggeman, people from Inspirits couldn’t access it and vice versa. We needed to have one system where we could store all of our content,” says Boy.

Boy led the search for a better solution. He chose Canto for its visual display, organization structure options and price point.

variety of drinks

Enter Canto: A centralized space for all content

Inspirits and Bruggeman use Canto to centralize images, videos, social media content and product information such as data sheets and technical documents. They now have everything brand-related stored in their Canto library.

Getting organized

Before the team implemented Canto, they planned how they wanted to use it for storing, accessing and sharing brand materials. Out of this preparation their metadata concept was formed.

“First we made a list of all the brands and then made specific categories. From there, we made specific albums for each brand so it was clear for our colleagues where all the files are stored. We have a few basic tags, but everything is sorted by brand, so it’s all really easy to find within the folder structure,” says Boy.

Screenshot of the Canto media library of Inspirits Premium Drinks showing bottles of their products.

Assets on-demand

With Canto, the team has eliminated asset requests. Now, everyone can go into Canto to find and download the content they need, right when they need it.

“Everybody in the company uses Canto. The sales team would always ask ‘Can you send me a picture of this event?’ or ‘Do we have this image formatted for a social media banner?’ Because of Canto, we’ve been able to get rid of those constant questions, which is great, because it takes a lot of time to answer them,” says Boy.

Screenshot of the Canto media library of Inspirits Premium Drinks.

Canto minimizes internal and external asset requests for Inspirits and Bruggeman. Partners quickly find all the logos, brand guides and technical data sheets they need through Canto Portals.

“We don’t want to give our clients access to the content we don’t want them to see, so we have Portals set up. On the external Portal, we made sure that anybody can access all the information that is publicly available,” says Boy.

“It’s also helpful for clients to have access to the social media posts we’ve created. Canto makes it easy for them to access approved material and post on their own social media accounts.”

Boy Buijsman

Since we're a challenger with the big brands in both Belgium and the Netherlands, one of the goals is to increase the brand awareness around our brands. Reaching this goal is made easier because everything is set up perfectly in Canto.

Boy BuijsmanDigital Manager

Results: Building brand awareness with digital assets

Because Canto is simple to use internally and externally, Boy can quickly field questions by guiding people directly to Canto – saving resources and time. The marketing team capitalizes on this valuable time by focusing on building brand awareness instead of searching for files.

“Since we are a challenger with most of the big brands in both Belgium and the Netherlands, one of the big goals is to increase the brand awareness around our brands,” says Boy.

“Reaching this goal is made easier because everything is set up perfectly in Canto.”

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