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Koppert Biological Systems




The Netherlands


Koppert Biological Systems grows brand awareness with Canto

Koppert Biological Systems produces sustainable agriculture solutions for growers all over the world. Koppert partners with nature to make agriculture and horticulture healthier, safer and more productive. They do this by providing growers with beneficial insects and microbiological agents as an alternative to harsh chemicals. They also support growers by producing bumblebees for natural pollination.

As a member of the communications team at Koppert, Judita Varady supports the company’s efforts to build a more sustainable future for agriculture. She collaborates with most departments within the company to outline communication strategies and support operational requests.

The goal

Give global employees on-demand access to the resources they need to creatively explain how their products improve the health of people and the planet.

The result

With the introduction of Canto, all departments are producing communication materials that align with the company’s mission.

Goal: Instant access to assets for global employees

Before Canto, the team stored their brand assets on another system. Their product line was expanding, so they were ready for a solution that could grow with them. Judita says, “We already had a so-called brand portal where we stored our images, PDF files and marketing literature. We used that platform for four years, but we had outgrown it.”

In addition to the product line growing, they ran into issues with their system, like the amount of time it took for everyone to access the assets they were looking for. “We had to constantly download images to our desktops and delete them,” Judita says.

Koppert product on plants

Koppert looked for a more efficient way to internally store, organize and access all of its digital assets. As a visual brand, it required a solution that empowered over 1,500 employees around the globe to easily find and download assets on-demand.

“We needed something where there is room to grow, and we needed a more user-friendly solution, something that actually increased the efficiency for the user,” Judita says.

Judita and her team chose Canto for its ease-of-use and available functionalities.

“We wanted a truly global platform, where all our global colleagues can contribute,” says Judita. “We needed to be able to easily sort all our images and also have various functionalities such as cropping and data protection.”

Enter Canto: Approved content on-demand

Koppert now stores images, videos, branding materials and illustrations in Canto, enabling everyone internally to quickly access approved content.

Most content is supplied by the digital specialist, who goes into the greenhouses and fields to capture images and videos. The content is then sorted through, approved, edited and uploaded into Canto.

Getting organized

The team had a robust asset organization strategy that existed before they implemented Canto that they were able to maintain. “We use the folder structure that was already well-known to our users,” says Judita. “We separate images, brand materials, illustrations and video files. Then within those we have subcategories based on our product lines, like pollination and beneficial insects and pests.”

Screenshot of the Canto media library of Koppert.

Coherence in branded materials

Every department at Koppert accesses Canto. Judita says, “Canto is used by various departments because our brand is really visual. From sales, marketing, consultancy, legal, technical departments, advisors, administration and production and regulatory teams – everyone is using it.”

These departments rely on digital assets to help growers, policy makers, suppliers, researchers and partners visualize what it would be like to implement Koppert’s sustainable solutions.

Koppert utilizes presentations and communication materials to show the benefits of using their natural products instead of chemicals. “Everyone internally uses the assets in Canto for presentations,” says Judita. “They need all of our assets available to make sure that their material is consistent and presentable. They aren’t only presenting materials, they are acting as ambassadors. ”

Judita Varady, Communications Specialist at Koppert Biological Systems.

Canto is the only place where my colleagues can easily find the assets that they need for their jobs. It's a clear solution for everybody.

Judita VaradyCommunications Specialist

Results: Internal brand alignment and external brand awareness

Canto helps Koppert remain consistent with visuals and messaging surrounding its mission. Judita says Canto serves her colleagues on an operational level; it enables everyone to access the assets they need for important presentations and communications.

Since the introduction of Canto, there has been internal brand alignment when creating external materials, which in turn increases brand awareness. Judita says, “Canto is the only place where my colleagues can easily find the assets that they need for their jobs. It’s a clear solution for everybody.”