Success story

MIB Agents




Barnard, VT

MIB Agents advances their mission using digital content stored in Canto

MIB Agents was founded in 2012 to “Make It Better” for kids battling osteosarcoma, a rare bone cancer that affects nearly 1,000 people every year in the United States. The nonprofit supports patients, families, researchers and clinicians through education, research and support programs. They have six programs that bring hope and healing to patients and caregivers.

Ann Graham, the Founder and Executive Director of MIB Agents, founded the nonprofit after she was diagnosed with osteosarcoma as an adult, but was treated in a pediatric cancer center. She is passionate about Making It better for osteosarcoma patients, caregivers, doctors and researchers.

The goal

MIB Agents needed a DAM to remove bottlenecks within the team and streamline content workflows.

The result

With Canto, the team is empowered to raise awareness for osteosarcoma, a rare bone cancer, by telling their story more clearly through digital assets.

Goal: Eliminate content bottlenecks

The MIB Agents team uses imagery and video to show their powerful “why”. It’s really important for the team and their over 200 volunteers to know where their content is and how to access it.

Before Canto, the only person who knew where and how to access content was Ann. She’d know the timeframe of when a certain photo was taken and could hunt through their library by date to find the photo.

Since no one else within the organization could pinpoint when photos were taken, Ann became a bottleneck to accessing content.

“Our old system wasn’t intuitive, so every time somebody needed a photo with specific parameters, they would come to me. As we’ve grown, it needs to be more than me knowing where everything is. It’s not sustainable for just one person to have access,” says Ann.

Enter Canto: Asset accessibility for the whole nonprofit

Now with Canto, everyone can easily access the nonprofit’s almost 3,000 pieces of content. The team stores images, videos and reports in their Canto library.

Purposeful facial recognition

MIB Agents uses facial recognition so that they can easily find content of children they’ve supported – and send these photos and videos to parents.

“When any child passes away, the greatest gift we can give that family is photos and videos, especially those that they haven’t seen before. It’s so meaningful,” says Ann.

Facial recognition also helps the team quickly find photos of specific people within the organization, like doctors, volunteers and staff. This ensures a variety of images and videos are being used for different projects.

“If I need a picture of Dr. Trucco, our scientific advisory chief, I actually want to look at as many of the photos of him as I can and get the right one for the right project. I can just type in his name and we’ve got all these pictures of him over five, six years. It’s pretty great,” says Ann.

Centralized, remote access

MIB Agents employees are all working remotely, but since Canto is a cloud-based system, they’re able to access their whole digital asset library from anywhere.

“It’s not like we have one big file cabinet or a place where we can just walk across the room and get to that file. We need it all in one place. And we actually didn’t know how much we needed it all in one place until we had it all in one place. And then we were like, ‘oh my gosh, what would we do without Canto now?’” says Ann.

Populating a new website with content in Canto

The growing nonprofit recently decided to refresh their website. Centralized assets in Canto made it easier for the web designer to find exactly what they needed. The nonprofit was able to create a website that tells a powerful story with unique photos and videos instead of using the same content over and over.

“A lot of times for the website, you don’t know what image you’re looking for until you find it. Our web designer knew they needed a powerful photo on a certain page or a video that summed up a particular aspect, but they didn’t know what we had, so they didn’t know what to ask for. Canto really helped with building the new website,” says Ann.

Time is our most valuable asset, and now people aren't having to come to me to get to what they want. I've been taken out of the equation and people can go straight to what they need in Canto. And that saves me time. It saves them time. It gets us to the end goal on any given project much quicker.

Ann GrahamFounder and Executive Director

Results: Telling their powerful story through digital assets

MIB Agents is dedicated to finding a cure for osteosarcoma. Everything they do has this goal at the heart of it. Since Ann is no longer the content gatekeeper, not only does she have more time for important tasks, but the whole team is more efficient and quicker at delivering projects.

“Time is our most valuable asset, and now people aren’t having to come to me to get to what they want. I’ve been taken out of the equation and people can go straight to what they need in Canto. And that saves me time. It saves them time. It gets us to the end goal on any given project much quicker,” says Ann.

With Canto, the nonprofit is better equipped to tell their story. Getting their story out in the world will lead to more funding, which will lead to more research and hopefully one day a cure for osteosarcoma.

“Now in Canto we have this catalog of current and past images,” says Ann. “How could we tell our story without these photos? It’s just not possible.”