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Sydney, Australia

Canto is the right prescription to get Ramsay Pharmacy's digital assets under control

Paul Ramsay founded independent health care provider Ramsay Health Care in 1965. It has since grown into a global hospital group with 480 facilities across 11 countries. It’s one of the largest and most diverse private health care companies in the world.

Troy Schindler is the Senior Graphic Designer for Ramsay Pharmacy. He is the sole designer in a small marketing team of four and handles all design work for the pharmacy group. This includes promotional catalogs, local area marketing and images for communications and social media. The Ramsay Pharmacy franchise has over 60 community pharmacies and 40 hospital dispensaries. They rely on the marketing team for all their assets.

The goal

Ramsay Health Care's Pharmacy Group needed to bring together sprawling assets and make them accessible to collaborators.

The result

Since Canto has removed image request bottlenecks, the marketing team is more productive and can hit their deadlines.

Goal: Unify supplier assets and streamline collaboration

Ramsay Pharmacy has a growing library of digital assets for a wide range of products. Troy needs to keep logos, product and lifestyle images organized. They also need to be accessible to collaborators to streamline the creation of their promotional catalogs and campaigns.

Ramsay Pharmacy lifestyle 2

“As a pharmacy company, we create a lot of catalogs. Suppliers like vitamin and moisturizer companies send us product shots that we can collaborate on and flow through,” says Troy.

Before Canto, Troy would receive every internal or external request for an image. He would then have to search through many servers to find the right asset. This added pressure and slowed the workflow.

Troy commented, “We worked across multiple servers. We have staff all over Australia, so some of our staff were on different servers. We had logos and images on one server and all the artwork on another server.”

Storing assets across many servers also created version control issues. Working with globally recognized brands, there is no room for error. Ramsay Pharmacy’s marketing team needed a way to keep all images organized and accessible to the right people at all times. They needed a more sophisticated and centralized approach.

“It was always a laborious task to find anything. Whenever someone from another part of the business requested a logo or any of the approved brand images, we had to search in multiple places just to make sure we were getting the right ones. We needed something to bring everything together in one place,” Troy added.

Enter Canto: Reshaping Ramsay Pharmacy’s approach to DAM

Ramsay Pharmacy now has all their assets organized in a structured library. They have introduced a new naming convention and updated metadata in bulk – making it far easier to file and search.

Ramsay Health Care Canto library lifestyle

Ramsay Pharmacy chose Canto because it went beyond their initial requirements to coordinate and distribute assets. Troy identified integration with Adobe InDesign, bespoke Portals and metadata import as extra features that would help his department.

“The folder structure is really simple and easy to search, you can also add metadata which is really easy as well. We can just upload a spreadsheet with metadata attached to the filename. It makes it a lot easier for the whole team and the external designers and suppliers to find those images,” commented Troy.

Getting assets into the right hands with Portals

Troy no longer has to respond to ad-hoc requests for logos, images or presentations thanks to Canto Portals. Internal teams and external designers have bespoke access to the resources they need. Everyone can self-serve, safe in the knowledge they are getting hold of the correct assets.

“Before Canto, our process was just an email request asking for a logo, product image or something from a photoshoot. Now that everyone has access to those photos, they can just login and download it themselves,” said Troy.

Troy created separate Portals for the merchandise team and external designers. This gives visibility of only the assets they need with separate libraries and limited privileges.

Logos and approved images are available to the wider team for use across the business through a brand Portal. Troy only makes product images available for the merchandise team and designers, putting assets only in the hands of those who need them.

“The main Portal is for the merchandise team. They can log in and see which product images are already there. If they’re requesting something from a supplier, they can double-check if we already have it or not,” says Troy.

Password protecting Portals also keeps brand images, logos, templates and product images secure.

Ramsay Health Care Canto portal

Advanced download options save the day

With Canto, the team can resize, crop and compress any image on the fly. They can download assets in the size and file type they need when they need it. This reduces the burden on the sole in-house designer and speeds everything up.

“That saves me time resizing images and resending the same logo to everybody. Since everyone has access, they can just jump in and find what they need,” says Troy.

Easy collaboration smooths out workflows

Ramsay Pharmacy’s marketing team stores images from suppliers in the right place every time thanks to Canto upload links.

The merchandise team collects hundreds of images from suppliers for the Ramsay Pharmacy catalogs. Troy simplified the process by providing upload links so the merchandising team can upload directly into the correct album in Canto. From there the external designer can pick the files up hassle-free through their Portal.

Ramsay Healthcare | Canto products

“We put out a monthly catalog and work closely with the merchandise team to get all the correct images from suppliers, so we created an upload link for the merchandise team. They simply upload assets through the link which has a pop-up box to add metadata. They can also add which catalog it is for, category, product descriptions and the product code. I’ve automated the upload links, so the images are approved automatically and flow directly into the product images folder,” says Troy.

Troy Schindler Ramsay Healthcare

Canto helps a lot with deadlines. Having everything easily accessible and searchable increases our productivity. Now it's easier to find. I just type in a product and it’s automatically there.

Troy SchindlerSenior Graphic Designer

Results: Productivity booms with Canto

Canto has made collecting and searching for assets far easier and has put an end to the stream of disruptive emails requesting images.

Speeding up asset delivery with Canto has been a big win for the Ramsay Pharmacy marketing team.

Troy concludes, “Canto helps a lot with deadlines. Having everything easily accessible and searchable increases our productivity. Now it’s easier to find. I just type in a product and it’s automatically there rather than searching through all the previous catalogs.”