Success story

The Honest Kitchen




San Diego, CA

The Honest Kitchen shares product images with over 4,000 retailers

The goal

The marketing team needed to organize and share their brand assets with over 4,000 retailers.

The result

The growing brand can now efficiently share assets with retailers, strengthening key relationships.


Human-grade pet food manufacturer The Honest Kitchen was facing a problem – with over 4,000 retail accounts and a large network of outside sales reps they were struggling to easily organize, and efficiently share, their growing collection of product images, lifestyle photography and brand materials.

At the same time, their own e-commerce operations were booming, and the job of maintaining approved, latest-version product images across systems was proving cumbersome. There was just no way their piecemeal system of hard drives and Dropbox could continue to support product and marketing operations. They needed to change their game, and fast.

The Honest Kitchen Canto Portal


Marketing Specialist Chris Freyer saw the potential of digital asset management to store, organize and distribute visual assets to improve operations. After reviewing several potential solutions, the Honest Kitchen chose Canto due to the power of Canto Portals.

A Canto Portal would allow Chris’s team to organize shareable assets by product category and UPC code, while basically eliminating the job of coordinating latest assets between their primary archive and a second archive for outside parties. With Canto, a single source of truth for an asset lives in the Canto Main Library. If you revise the asset, it is automatically reflected in the shared portal.

Before Canto, we didn’t have a reliable way to get product and brand assets to our retailers, and our reps. But now… jeesh, it’s super easy!

Chris FreyerMarketing Specialist


Chris was easily able to migrate their assets into the Canto Main Library and then further optimize them via Canto’s robust keyword and tagging. He then designed a cleanly organized and elegantly designed Canto Portal that has dramatically simplified the process of sharing brand materials with retailers and reps.

Not only does The Honest Kitchen now share all product and lifestyle imagery via their Canto Portal, but they also share promotional material rollouts and training documentation.

Furthermore, Chris and his team have now applied Canto to their eCommerce operations. They store product images and related visual assets in the Canto main library, then simply drag-and-drop them into Magento for eCommerce administration.