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With Canto, convenience store food broker Ultimate Sales puts collateral at sales reps’ fingertips

A convenience store food broker, Ultimate Sales helps brands across North America get their products onto convenience store shelves. With each sales rep covering dozens of brands and hundreds of products, there’s a mountain of sales collateral to keep track of: product overviews, price lists, promotional flyers and more.

Director of Marketing Jacquelyn Sisson and her team are responsible for collecting that content, adapting it for a convenience store market, and passing it on to sales reps. That’s no easy task – and not just because of the huge quantities of documents involved. “We have a big team of salespeople, and each one wants things organized their own way,” Jacquelyn explains. Finding a single solution that worked for everyone seemed impossible – until they discovered Canto.

The goal

Collect collateral from food brands and distribute it to sales teams, without confusion and delays.

The result

In Canto, sales reps always find the most current version of the collateral they rely on – so they can focus on their customers instead of tracking down lost files.

The goal: Find anything in three clicks or less

For years, Ultimate Sales relied on an elaborate system of folders to manage sales collateral for thousands of products in different markets. “It was a nightmare,” says Jacquelyn. “The search rarely worked, so you had to know the folder. Since everybody had a different idea about where things should be filed, it was basically impossible to find anything.”

As a result, salespeople were constantly reaching out to the marketing team – and even executive leadership – for help tracking down lost collateral. The team knew they needed a better solution, so they turned to Canto.

“As soon as we started learning more about it, we realized it was amazing,” says Jacquelyn. “We’re not a team that has a lot of photo assets – which I know is a common use case for Canto – but Canto is great for sales documents too.”

With a new sense of what was possible, Jacquelyn developed a clear vision for the future of sales enablement at Ultimate Sales: She wanted to create a system where salespeople could find anything they needed in three clicks or less.

Ultimate Sales' collateral for sales enablement organized by brand in Canto.

Canto: Sales enablement made easy

Because it’s designed specifically for digital asset management, Canto makes it easy for sales reps to find what they need, while also providing controls that keep outdated content from going out to customers by mistake.

“The sales team is very happy with Canto, just because it’s so easy to find everything,” says Jacquelyn. “Usually any time there’s a change, people want to fight you on it. But with Canto, people email me just to tell me they love it.”

Intuitive search and filtering

To make her three-click-dream a reality, Jacquelyn created filter categories customized to Ultimate Sales and their customer base. “If someone’s looking for a sell sheet for burritos, they can check two boxes, and all the sell sheets with burritos in them will pop up,” she explains.

For more niche inquiries, sales reps rely on Canto’s sophisticated search, which picks up on product names, product numbers and other key information in the text of PDFs and other documents. “That’s my favorite thing about Canto,” says Marketing Manager Kelsey Michalak. “You can just type in a product number, and all the materials for that product come up.”

Sales enablement portal in Canto.

Version control and expiration dates prevent mishaps

Before switching to Canto, the Ultimate Sales team lived in fear of confusing old price lists for current ones. Because items in the trash still turn up in Google Drive search results, there was a constant danger of mix-ups.

“The versions feature in Canto is a gamechanger,” says Jacquelyn. “Some clients send new price lists once a month. Instead of having to upload it as a new document and re-tag everything, I just go to the old one and add a new version. The old ones are still there in the version history if we need them, but the current one is always at the forefront.”

Jacquelyn and her team also use expiration dates to automatically remove seasonal collateral from the sales team’s portals. “Now, there’s never some coupon for $5 off hot dogs from a year ago cluttering up their search results,” says Jacquelyn. “We can just set it to expire.”

Jacquelyn Sisson Headshot

The sales team is very happy with Canto, just because it’s so easy to find everything. Usually any time there’s a change, people want to fight you on it. But with Canto, people email me just to tell me they love it.

Jacquelyn SissonDirector of Marketing

Smoother workflows, every step of the way

While sales enablement was the initial focus, Ultimate Sales now uses Canto to usher collateral through its entire journey with the company.

Upload links provide food brands with a convenient way to submit collateral for Ultimate Sales to use. Once they’ve adapted it for a convenience store market, the marketing team can simply add it to the appropriate sales portal. When salespeople are working with convenience store contacts, they can find what they need in seconds – and send it out to potential buyers straight from Canto.

With a dedicated digital asset management system in place, Jacquelyn and her team now have one system that works for everyone. Sales reps still have different preferences and workflows, but now they have a library of sales tools that meshes with their style – whatever that may be.

“That’s the beauty of Canto,” says Jacquelyn. “You can tailor it in a way that makes sense for your team.”