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Brussels, Belgium

With Canto, Victoria delivers powerful branded content to consultants, boosting their activity on social media

Since 1991, Victoria Company has been helping women shine with a curated collection of over 400 jewels. Victoria is the market leader in direct jewelry sales with a large network of consultants spanning Benelux, France, Germany and Austria. Their mission is to empower women by creating a community where women support each other in business and in beauty.

Pauline Gilles is the Communication Manager at Victoria. Her diverse role involves planning and creating content for communications, social media and the brand’s website, aligning campaigns across regions and supporting local marketing teams.

The goal

Victoria needed to empower its network of consultants to be effective at their own marketing while maintaining brand consistency

The result

Victoria has an engaged network in all its markets, frequently sharing approved brand imagery across social media

Goal: Achieve brand consistency when selling through a large network of consultants

To sell their jewelry, Victoria works with a network of thousands of consultants across many country markets. Consultants host jewelry parties and sell online through e-shops and digital parties. Consultants are responsible for their own marketing, through social media, email and WhatsApp.

With such a large network of consultants – most of whom are not marketing experts – the marketing team at Victoria found it challenging to ensure brand consistency.

Victoria Jewellery Visual 1

“People don’t always share powerful, Victoria-branded assets which have a real impact on their followers. This obviously has an impact on our brand image too,” explains Pauline.

To make it easy for consultants to stay on-brand, Victoria provides them with images and other content they know will perform well. Unfortunately, the file storage tool they initially used to deliver these assets fell flat. Uptake was poor with a lack of adherence from their seller network.

“Our consultants never bought into the tool, and we had a very low active user rate. So, we decided to drop the tool in early 2020 before a gap of several months without a content library,” says Pauline. “We kept sharing visuals with our consultants to help them communicate, but we did this via our intranet, which was limited. They didn’t receive assets on a regular basis.”

Enter Canto: Exactly the tool to enable Victoria’s network

When the COVID pandemic ramped up, finding the right digital asset management tool became an urgent priority. “After some research, we immediately realized that Canto was exactly the tool we needed,” says Pauline.

Victoria started by introducing Canto to their local marketing teams in February 2021.

“We organized Zoom training sessions and support, and encouraged the teams to play around and get familiar with the features,” explains Pauline. “The next step involved training our sector leaders who manage consultant teams. These leaders are in direct contact with our giant network of consultants. Their feelings and adherence are very important when we introduce something new. We organized training and encouraged them to familiarize themselves with the features too.”

Victoria introduces new jewelry collections to consultants at their annual February event. This event provided the perfect opportunity to launch Canto to the entire network. They could see how they could use it and take advantage of it to develop their own business.

This was an immediate success: More than 1,700 consultants subscribed to Victoria’s Canto library on the first day. Today, 4,600 consultants have registered (34% of Victoria’s network), and the figure is still rising daily.

Ready-to-use media for every region

Canto gives Victoria the ability to customize the look and feel of their asset library to match their brand. With Canto, they can also create bespoke content sets to be shared with different markets.

Victoria regions MyCom

“Customization is very important. We’re a jewelry brand, so the look and feel of the platforms we use is essential,” says Pauline. “We called our Canto library ‘My Com’ because it is a tool to help our consultants communicate with their customers and followers on social media. We also changed the colors to present a light pink space aligned with our brand charter. It is instantly recognizable as a Victoria space by our consultants.”

Consultants can access their country’s library in their own language. From there, they can explore content, look for a visual, save it, download it and share it on social media. Consultants don’t have uploading privileges, which creates a gate to protect Victoria’s brand image. Instead, the brand’s marketing team feeds albums with new, on-brand content every week.


In a well-organized library, consultants can find all the assets they need to stay on-brand, promote products and recruit new members. Alongside these visuals, documents and social proof, they’ll also find guides on how to use brand imagery, which colors they can use, and which fonts they can download and use in their own creations.

Pauline Gilles is the Communication Manager at Victoria

Not only do more of our consultants now share powerful Victoria branded assets, we also have better internal team cohesion. Using Canto has brought us all closer together in a spirit of collaboration.

Pauline GillesCommunication Manager

Result: A growing network with stronger, consistent brand imagery used across social media

Since introducing Canto across its network, Victoria has developed a stronger brand image on social media. Their consultants are now better empowered to publish content. Victoria’s marketing team can be confident that the greater volume of assets posted to social media are on-brand and pre-approved.

“Not only do more of our consultants now share powerful Victoria branded assets, we also have better internal team cohesion. Using Canto has brought us all closer together in a spirit of collaboration,” concludes Pauline. “Every day, we gain visibility, and our consultants better understand the need to have a strong and consistent brand image.”