Learn how to get more out of Canto with these step-by-step video guides.

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How to make sure your content appears in Portals

Learn a few simple tips to get your images to show up in Canto Portals.


Tips to help you filter assets to find files in Canto


How to watermark images in Canto


How to upload from Dropbox to Canto


How to brand multiple portals differently using Canto DAM


How to find content quickly by sorting folders and albums in Canto


How to sort images inside of albums and folders in Canto


How to safely get content from outsiders using upload links into your Canto media library


How to use Canto with Microsoft Teams

Canto is the top tool to create a digital media library. Microsoft Teams is one of the best tools to collaborate with. And they are both even better when you bring them together as you'll see in this video.


How to use related files in Canto

Canto’s Related Files feature helps you tie together multiple assets so that it’s easy to jump between them. It’s a great idea to use this feature for similar files like alternate angles or unique crops of the same source image, for example.


How to use metadata templates in Canto

Metadata templates is a feature designed to save you valuable work time when uploading a lot of similar content such as photos from a shooting.


How to clone Workflows in Canto

Workflows are sets up steps that can help you drive a project to completion in your Canto workflow.


How to complete tasks in Canto Workflows

You might have recently been assigned a task to complete in a workflow in Canto...


How to create Canto Workflows

Many teams will work together to complete creative projects. This is often called a workflow and it built up of individual tasks that teams collaborate on.


How to use the Canto Microsoft Word Connector

See how easy it is to use the Canto Microsoft Office Connector add-on to pull images directly from Canto into Word documents.


How to use the Canto Microsoft PowerPoint Connector

Learn how to search your Canto image library directly inside of PowerPoint with the Canto Microsoft Office Connector add-on.


How to use direct links in Canto - Marketo example

See how to use this advanced feature in Canto by placing direct URLs into email tools, web pages and other applications, such as this Marketo email example.


How to request images in any size using direct links in Canto

Use the advanced feature of scaling images on the fly to specific widths by adjusting the direct URL setting. This Marketo example serves images directly from Canto into an email campaign, via Amazon Cloudfront CDN.


How to use the Canto Chrome Extension - Asana example

Save time and clicks by using the Canto Chrome Extension to place your files into any web or desktop application, such as this example dropping images into an Asana project.


How to use the Canto Connector for Adobe Premiere Pro

See how easy it is to import images, audio and video tracks from Canto into your Adobe Premiere Pro projects using the Canto Adobe Connector.


How to set up a Curated View in Canto

Learn how to set up sections within your albums to showcase your digital assets in a custom presentation view for end users without disturbing the list view or masonry grid or thumbnail views.


How to create custom user roles in Canto

Customize permissions for groups of users to grant the right privileges to the users across your teams.


How to temporarily save files into My Selections

Learn how to gather files into a temporary "My Selections" area for quick reference while working in app.


How to use the Canto Connector for Adobe InDesign

See how to insert images directly into InDesign from a native Canto Connector window in-app with the Canto Adobe Connector.


How to use the Canto Connector for Adobe Illustrator

Learn how to navigate and search your Canto image library directly from within Adobe Illustrator. Add images as a new layer or new file.


How designers set up Canto Brand Templates in InDesign

Learn the fundamentals of defining which elements of your InDesign layouts you may lock down completely, partially or allow for end users to edit with the Canto Brand Templates add-on.


How end users modify InDesign documents with Canto Brand Templates

Learn how end users can make content edits to approved InDesign Brand Templates, such as text changes and image replacements, from a simple web interface with no InDesign knowledge or license needed.


How Consumer users access content in Canto

As a Consumer user in Canto, you have the ability to search and filter for files and depending on the permissions set by the main admin, it will determine what you can do with those files, options shown here.


How to use the Consumer role to manage permissions

Canto gives you options. Administrators can set up "Consumer" users to search and download files or may restrict availability to low res or watermarked copies until Consumers request access, from portals or your main library.


How to use facial recognition in Canto

See how easy it is to find people in your image database instantly with facial recognition.


How to use the Canto Connector for Adobe Photoshop

Search your Canto library from within Photoshop and add images as new layers or new files. Upload files back to Canto also.


How to resize, crop and compress images on the fly

No need for editing tools when users resize, crop and compress images upon download directly from your Canto media library.


How to annotate images in Canto

Learn how to add pin-point annotations on images in Canto, toggle on/off the annotations overlay and notify users or groups via @mentions.


How to password protect shared links in Canto

Learn how simple it is to share sensitive files with a password-protected share link in Canto.


How to Set up a Style Guide in Canto

Learn how easy it is to set up a style guide and keep everyone using your correct logos, colors, fonts and on-brand imagery.


Working with Groups to define permissions and notifications

Simplify user management by setting up Groups to notify group members all at once when content is available and assign relevant permissions.


TYPO3 CMS integration with Canto

See how to search your Canto photo library directly from TYPO3 without having to download - upload, saving time and clicks.


The basics of simple file sharing

So easy. Share download links via email and further protect your files by setting expiration dates, watermark overlays, low-res access only and other useful sharing options.


How to use the Canto WordPress plugin

See how to search your Canto photo library directly from WordPress without having to do the download-upload dance.


How to upload in bulk with the Canto Connect Mac OS app

Import a ton of local files and network drive folders from your Mac with ease.


How to locally sync 'My Collections' files to your Mac

Learn how to keep a subset of files synced to your Mac with the free Mac OS desktop app, Canto Connect.


How to create custom fields and allow users to filter on them

Whether you want to add seasonal details, SKUs, geographic regions or other custom fields to your assets, we make it easy with Canto.


How to brand Portals in Canto

Create stunning branded portals without writing a single line of code. Learn how easy it is to set up a beautiful on-brand portal, from where users can search, preview and download assets.


How to create download presets to save time exporting

Set up height and width presets for common image download sizes that your team needs to get their work done efficiently.


Understanding different user types in Canto

Learn the different roles and access levels of Admin, Contributor and Consumer users in Canto; and understand how non-password Guest users can benefit from your media library.


Secure additional privacy controls with Canto Workspaces

Give your next rebranding, product launch or social media project a separate area to collaborate using Canto Workspaces.


How to crop images in Canto

Learn how to crop and download just a portion of your image, without affecting the original source file stored in Canto.


Tips to help you search for hard-to-find files in Canto

Learn how to take advantage of Canto's robust search features and how to narrow down your results.


How to trim videos before download in Canto

It's easy to cut and download just the clip you need from your videos in Canto. Choose where to start and end the clip without affecting the original.


How to collaborate by mentioning users in comments, Canto

Keep your team in the know with specific comments, @mention users or groups to notify them quickly.


How to set copyright terms and conditions in Canto

Ensure that people who download your images first click "I agree" to the terms and conditions that you define and set up.


How to set default folder and album views in Canto

Learn how to reinforce a current campaign or showcase your most popular brand assets by keeping them front and center for your users.


How to distribute content via Portals in Canto

See how simple it is to control how you professionally your share brand assets using Canto Portals.


How to bulk add tags and keywords in Canto

To speed up your workflow, learn how to assign tags and keywords to multiple assets at once.