Accessible Content = Maximum Mission Impact: How Feeding America Stays Efficient With DAM


We all know that maximizing the reach and accessibility of your content is key to expanding your organization’s impact. But the processes that make up digital content creation and management have never been more complicated. Content workflows now need to accommodate remote workers and volunteers, regional partners, and privacy concerns. While the demand has increased, resources and time have not. So how can you increase the reach of your content, and empower your whole team to be an organization ambassador? 

In this presentation, join Feeding America and Canto as they demonstrate how to develop efficient content workflows and maximize the reach and impact of what you create. They’ll explore how Feeding America has successfully implemented digital asset management with widespread adoption, leading to wider content accessibility, better volunteer and regional partner coordination, and an increase in content ROI. 

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Ariana Keil

Growth Marketing Manager, North America

Ariana Keil is Growth Marketing Manager, North America for Canto. Ariana has a background in both B2B sales and marketing, which gives her an appreciation for GTM strategies that holistically target the entire buyer’s journey, and a passion for sales and marketing department collaboration. She is passionate about harnessing the power of content to drive revenue.

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