Canto’s Digital Asset Management Game Changer with AI Visual Search


What’s one thing you can’t do with your digital asset library that you wish you could? Instantly finding the assets you’re looking for is at the top of many organization’s lists. Well, you’ve spoken, and we’ve listened. Enter Canto AI Visual Search. With AI Visual Search, we’ve gone beyond the standard capabilities of a digital asset management platform to create a solution that will change your digital content strategy. And our experts, Solutions Engineer, Brian Athey, and Sr. Growth Marketing Manager, Ariana Keil, will take you through how the latest AI technology can help transform your DAM.

In the webinar, you’ll:

  • Discover the game-changing ways that AI Visual Search can help you manage your content
  • Learn how to extract more value from every asset created and significantly increase your ROI
  • Experience the effortless way AI Visual Search finds the perfect images and videos in real-time

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Ariana Keil

Growth Marketing Manager, North America

Ariana Keil is Growth Marketing Manager, North America for Canto. Ariana has a background in both B2B sales and marketing, which gives her an appreciation for GTM strategies that holistically target the entire buyer’s journey, and a passion for sales and marketing department collaboration. She is passionate about harnessing the power of content to drive revenue.

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