AMA Nonprofit & Cause Marketing: (Re)energize Your Digital Content Supply Chain


Remote and hybrid work are here to stay. In this new virtual workplace, organizations are still struggling to find the best ways to plan, create, and distribute their digital content. Many creative and marketing teams have tried to get by via cobbling together an assortment of disconnected platforms. But with no operational hub, these makeshift tech stacks create a digital content supply chain that doesn’t work efficiently. Without a single source of truth, teams face lost or misplaced digital assets, broken content workflows, duplicate work, and issues with creative collaboration. So how do you create a digital content supply chain that does work the way you need it to?

In this presentation originally broadcasted during the AMA Nonprofit & Cause Marketing Virtual Conference, we will show you how to:

  • Build a content tech stack that leverages a digital asset management platform as the hub of your digital content supply chain.
  • Streamline digital content workflows to produce content more efficiently at scale.
  • Enable better collaboration on your remote or hybrid teams.

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