Canto Weekly Demo (EMEA)

upcoming webinar
Wednesday, September 27, 2023
9:00 am
UTC:   9:00 am
CET:   11:00 am
PT:   2:00 am
ET:   5:00 am

Canto makes it easy to organize, find, and share your brand’s digital content. But don’t just take our word for it — join our weekly demo webinar and see for yourself!

We’ll show you around the platform and demonstrate how Canto helps teams leverage digital assets to meet their strategic goals.

In this 25-minute demo, attendees will:

  • Learn how Canto streamlines content workflows and enhances collaboration.
  • Get a deep-dive introduction to key features.
  • Explore how Canto integrates with other tools your team uses, creating a seamless digital content supply chain.
  • Get answers to your questions from one of Canto’s digital asset management experts.

Nobody makes it easier to manage and share digital content, and we’re excited to show you why some of the top brands around the world already use Canto to manage their digital assets.

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Andrew Hall

Vice President, Global Demand Generation

Andrew is VP of Global Demand Generation at Canto. He’s a B2B marketing specialist with a career that has spanned advertising agencies, the SaaS start-up world as well as cyber security and is well versed in all things content marketing. With in-depth experience of work management tools, digital asset management and change management strategies, Andrew has a knack for helping companies set themselves up for success by scaling their creative operations.

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