Maximise Your Ambassador Marketing Efforts: A Look Inside Sony Europe’s DAM Strategy


Authentic user-generated content is an incredibly effective way to show products in action and win customers over — bringing content creators, marketers, and brand ambassadors together to inspire people.

But when you are working with over 100 ambassadors with a regular influx of new imagery, it can be easy to lose track. In this webinar, you’ll hear from Sony Europe’s Tim Stavrinou, who took hold of this problem head-on. Now, his team delivers more content than ever, empowering Sony’s image ambassadors to tell the stories behind their work.

Key takeaways:

  • Why digital asset management (DAM) came into play for Sony and Alpha Universe
  • How Sony uses Canto to manage thousands of ambassador images and use them in market
  • Tangible gains for the Alpha Universe team at Sony
  • Live demo of their library and SAIL portal

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Tim Stavrinou

Digital Content Marketing Manager, Sony Europe

Tim Stavrinou is the Digital Content Marketing Manager for Sony Europe's Alpha Universe platform, responsible for curating and publishing ambassador content across all European markets. With a background in both digital marketing and photography, it is a role that fits perfectly, and Tim's passionate approach to his work has seen the platform grow substantially since launching in 2018.

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