Unveiling the Power of AI Visual Search: Got Light’s Transformative DAM Strategy


Find exactly what you need with just one search – that’s what the co-founder of leading event services company Got Light, Jon Retsky, needed.

With AI Visual Search, Jon found the perfect solution. Got Light had already realized the benefits of Canto’s Digital Asset Management System — but now, he can bring unparalleled levels of specificity to his searches.

The result? His team has reclaimed valuable time, preserved their sanity, and positioned themselves for unprecedented sales and business growth.

Want to know how Jon and his team did it? Join us for a two-part webinar where we sit down with Jon to discuss how AI Visual Search changed how he operates the entire business – not just sales but production, HR, and marketing teams, too!

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  • See how Got Light utilizes curated albums and visual presentations to close deals effectively
  • Learn how Canto has brought measurable improvements to Got Light
  • Witness AI Visual Search in action

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Julie Neumeister

Senior Customer Marketing Manager at Canto

As Canto’s Senior Customer Marketing Manager, Julie Neumeister creates value for customers and the market by delivering meaningful experiences that educate, engage and inspire. With a strong background in both customer success and marketing, she has a deep understanding of customer insights and a drive for meeting the growing needs of Canto's customers and the DAM market. Julie is passionate about sharing her knowledge and empowering others to achieve marketing success.

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