Learn How CPG Brands Leverage DAM for Accelerated Content Operations


COOLA Sunscreen’s small creative team needed to elevate their brand’s presence from that of a small start up to a high-end department store staple, all while streamlining retail distribution network collaboration. And Amorepacific struggled to deploy 30 brands worth of product imagery and related content across their website network and retail partners’ websites globally. They both needed to transform their content operations.

Join Sr. Growth Marketing Manager Ariana Keil as she explains how CPG brands COOLA Sunscreen and Amorepacific optimized their MarTech stack to scale efficiently, stay on-brand, and capitalize on growth opportunities. This presentation offers valuable insights for both startups and enterprise businesses who want to expand rapidly while maintaining brand integrity and operational efficiency across their content distribution process.

You’ll learn how to:

  • Scale brand operations rapidly across markets
  • Achieve friction-free retail partnerships
  • Distribute web-wide content seamlessly
  • Improve brand recognition and customer loyalty

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Ariana Keil

Growth Marketing Manager, North America

Ariana Keil is Growth Marketing Manager, North America for Canto. Ariana has a background in both B2B sales and marketing, which gives her an appreciation for GTM strategies that holistically target the entire buyer’s journey, and a passion for sales and marketing department collaboration. She is passionate about harnessing the power of content to drive revenue.

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