Innovation: How Top Teams Balance Vision and Reality


What does it take to make digital transformation a success? Get insights from Rachel Rickles of LinkedIn and Sheri Whitley of Columbia University — both marketing leaders and Canto customers.

Sheri shares essential strategies for implementing new technologies at a complex, decentralized institution like a major university. And Rachel outlines the importance of positioning marketing as a profit center and demonstrating tangible value to stakeholders.

Together, they draw from their own experiences to offer tips and insights any team can use to successfully navigate digital transformation.

Tune into the discussion and learn how to:

  • Balance efficiency with collaboration and inclusion
  • Identify genuine needs and ensure team buy-in
  • Communicate effectively and adapt to input
  • Focus on broader business impact beyond traditional metrics to drive successful digital transformations

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Rachel Rickles

Manager of Content Solutions, LinkedIn

Rachel is the Manager of Content Solutions at LinkedIn.

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