Secrets to a Successful In-House Creative Agency from Domino’s Pizza UK


Thinking about developing an in-house creative agency at your organization? Or optimizing one that’s already in place? Join this exclusive session for insights and tips from a brand that’s done so successfully.

Special guest Jenny Cobelli, Head of Creative at Domino’s Pizza UK & Ireland, will share her exciting journey from agency life to developing Big Dip Studio, Domino’s in-house agency.

What you’ll learn:

  • How the Big Dip Studio team works
  • How Big Dip Studio has gained trust and credibility internally
  • Considerations for enablement in a franchise business
  • Ways to ensure that partners have access to all the assets they need, when they need them
  • How to use your digital asset management platform’s data to prove your value, identify high- and low-performing assets, and be proactive in showing off success.

Hosted by In-House Agency Leaders Club (IHALC) and Canto.

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Andrew Hall

Vice President, Global Demand Generation

Andrew is VP of Global Demand Generation at Canto. He’s a B2B marketing specialist with a career that has spanned advertising agencies, the SaaS start-up world as well as cyber security and is well versed in all things content marketing. With in-depth experience of work management tools, digital asset management and change management strategies, Andrew has a knack for helping companies set themselves up for success by scaling their creative operations.

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