Overcoming Brand Management Challenges to Unlock Revenue

This webinar was originally broadcasted at the ON24 Checkpoint Summit.

Companies that focus on building and maintaining brand integrity with great design can outperform industry-benchmark growth by as much as 200%. This constant, consistent brand presentation also leads to an estimated 20% revenue increase.

Your company’s brand isn’t just a design challenge – it has a heavy impact on your bottom line. So, while marketers focus on demand, engagement and ROI, the value of design and brand integrity is worth too much to ignore.

Break through old benchmarks and learn how to:

  • Create and enforce brand guidelines across your organization
  • Use your brand to tell meaningful stories that resonate with your audiences
  • Ensure consistency of your brand across every product, asset and channel
  • Turn your brand into your next competitive advantage.


  • Mike Lacey, Head of Brand and Content at Canto
  • Ivy Croteau, Marketing Manager at Sketchdeck

Duration:   21:04