How to Streamline Workflows to Overcome Content Chaos


Product, marketing, and sales teams need heaps of content to cleverly engage channels. Capturing the attention of prospects has become difficult due to shortened attention spans and noisy airwaves. Marketers need to be able to speed up time to market with effective distribution strategies and hit global audiences with appealing content.

And with decreasing marketing budgets, each piece of content must go farther. Creative teams are struggling to keep up with the global content demands in-house. Even if they can keep up, they are struggling with delivering content to all the right teams and places. There aren’t effective workflows in place to keep the content engine running smoothly, and content chaos reigns.

It’s time to rethink workflows and boost the value of on-brand content you already have.

In this webinar, Todd Terwillegar, Content Marketing Manager at Canto, and Shelly Madden, Manager, Content Marketing at Wrike, will teach you how to:

  • Stop content chaos and its negative effects on your teams
  • Create an efficient and streamlined content workflow
  • Get to market faster across global campaigns

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Todd Terwillegar

Content Marketing Manager, Canto

Todd Terwillegar has been leading content teams for five years at global technology brands. As a content marketing leader, he empowers the Brand and Content Team at Canto to produce world-class content at scale for global campaigns. Todd holds a degree from Central Michigan University in English and enjoys telling brand stories that matter. You can find Todd sharing the latest content marketing practices on LinkedIn.

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