Sharing Memories that Matter: Camp One Step Achieves Storytelling at Scale


Camp One Step brings joy and normalcy to thousands of kids with cancer and their families by offering safe, fun-filled weeks of camp at no cost year-round. However, sharing these numerous adventures with the families back home is daunting. With more than 30,000 photos and videos created annually, Camp One Step’s Senior Social Media Manager, Colleen McGrath, and her small team need a way to manage the enormous volume.

They found that implementing Canto’s digital asset management platform is the best way to manage their ever-growing content library. With Canto, Camp One Step streamlines the content lifecycle, saves significant time, and amplifies the ability to share their story.

In this session, learn how Camp One Step leveraged Canto to:

  • Reduce bottlenecks with a new asset upload workflow with 100% volunteer adoption
  • Offer immediate access to curated content albums for families, featuring user-friendly navigation and search options
  • Increase social media engagement and brand equity, all while expanding outreach to new communities of prospective campers

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Colleen McGrath

Senior Social Media Manager at Camp One Step

Colleen McGrath is the Senior Social Media Manager at Camp One Step and has been on the management team for the past 11 years. As a former Camper and a two-time cancer survivor, Colleen has the unique ability to create a space for the guests to feel comfort sharing their experiences. She is responsible for growing the Camp’s social media following, building community, and promoting the Camp’s programs, and events with over 12k followers.

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