The Future of Content: Where to from Here?


The intersection of technological innovation, content creation, and digital asset management (DAM) has created challenges and opportunities — and marketers have a front-row seat.

This panel from Canto’s 2024 Content Innovation Summit digs into this dynamic terrain with insightful discussions led by industry pioneers.

Join David Lipsey, a DAM pioneer and founder of Henry Stewart Events; Santiago Lyon, a veteran award-winning photojournalist; and Carrie Wadlington, Operating Advisor at JMI, as they delve into:

  • The evolution of digital content management
  • The pivotal role of DAM systems in navigating challenges and upholding content authenticity and integrity
  • Responsible use of artificial intelligence (AI) in content creation
  • The importance of audience research and brand expertise
  • How to adapt to the evolving digital landscape without compromising principles of authenticity, integrity, and consumer trust

Watch this session and uncover diverse perspectives on managing content, navigating AI, ensuring authenticity, and preparing for the future of technology and content creation in the ever-evolving tech landscape.

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David Lipsey

Author, CEO and Founder of Henry Stewart

David Lipsey is an author, as well as the CEO and Founder of Henry Stewart.

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