The Future of Digital Content: The Trends, Strategies, and Technologies Marketers Need to Know in 2024


What digital content trends, strategies, and technology will shape 2024 and beyond?

We’ve got the keys to what the future of digital content looks like, and they’re ready for you.

Get expert analysis on industry trends and strategies to maximize content ROI and smash your marketing goals in the year to come.

In this exclusive webinar, marketing industry experts will dive deep into the 2024 State of Digital Content report to offer insights on what content and marketing professionals need to know in 2024.

You’ll learn:

  • Why digital content is the key to world-class customer engagement
  • Content strategy essentials
  • How AI is changing go-to-market strategies
  • Ways non-AI technology can accelerate content production
  • Advice to navigate the digital content landscape in 2024

Featuring insights from Chris Walker, Executive Chairman of Refine Labs; Jenny Cobelli, Head of Creative at Domino’s UK; Erica Gunn, CMO at Canto; and Mike Lacey VP of Brand and Content at Canto.

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Erica Gunn

Chief Marketing Officer

Erica Gunn is currently CMO at Canto and has a background in both marketing and operations leadership roles. Prior to Canto, Erica was Head of Marketing for Adobe Workfront. She has also held Vice President positions at Nordstrom and Planview and business operations roles at the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation.

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