Ready for Takeoff: How Travel and Hospitality Brands Are Reimagining Marketing Strategy

Marketing teams in hospitality and travel are facing huge challenges in these unpredictable times. Consumer confidence in travel has been knocked like never before, and there are no guarantees on what tomorrow has in store.

In this webinar, we’ll call on experts from the travel and hospitality industry to share how they have adapted their brand strategies, mobilized their marketing teams, and provide their tools, ideas, and tips to build back.

You'll learn:

  • How experts shifted gears in a crisis
  • Tools and techniques to re-establish brands
  • How to navigate evolving audiences and channels

Featuring travel & hospitality experts:

  • Lorna O’Neill, Director at Surge Communications
  • Monica Armesto, Senior Marketing Manager at Sydney Airport
  • Alexandra Geyer, Head of PR & Public Affairs at Falkensteiner Michaeler Tourism Group AG

Duration:   47:50