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Canto harnessed creativity: Adobe MAX 2022 recap

by Todd Terwillegar  |  October 26, 2022

4 min. read
4 images taken during Adobe MAX 2022 highlighting the show. Image on left showing a man in a chair with an abstract black and white wall behind him and the words "create waves" on the wall; an image of attendees visiting the blue Canto booth in the middle; an image of the stage with the MAX logo overtop a rainbow color and a speaker with the crowd seated; and a team photo of the Canto Team wearing green t-shirts in lower right. All images are overtop of a background in light blue with blue organic elements.

Adobe MAX 2022, a global in-person and virtual conference designed for creatives, was a sensational success with over 131 million total views from over 264,000 virtual attendees and 7,500 in-person creatives live in Los Angeles. The feeling at MAX was one of engagement, stimulation, and overall intellectual curiosity as teams chatted amongst themselves and with organizations on how they work and how to use creative tools to push the boundaries of design and design thinking.

Canto was primely positioned to be part of those conversations as a hub for their content supply chain, alleviating common creative workflow issues and making content production easier for organizations. Canto also showcased the newest Adobe integrations, including Lightroom Classic and After Effects, in addition to our existing integrations with InDesign, Photoshop, Premiere Pro, and Illustrator.

We asked our team on-site about their Adobe MAX experience and key takeaways.

Overall impressions of Adobe MAX 2022

Everyone on the team felt Adobe MAX was incredible and exceeded all expectations. The attendees were curious about the latest and greatest tools to make creative work seamless, and they were delighted to find out more about Canto and digital asset management in general.

“I have never seen a more intellectually curious group of people,” said Canto’s Ariana Keil, Growth Marketing Manager, North America. “Everyone who came by our booth was genuinely curious about what we do, whether they had ever heard of DAM platforms or not.”

Image of stage at Adobe MAX during Adobe Sneaks with the crowd. A few other images; a different slide in a deck during announcements on stage; and two speakers talking on stage next to seating. All images are on top of a green element background.

Big announcements at Adobe MAX

There were lots of cool features hinted at in this year’s Adobe Sneaks, a special moment during MAX that all fans especially look forward to which includes features that may or may not appear in final Adobe products. These features would save creatives lots of time, increase productivity, and improve the quality of their work.

One of those Sneaks was on an innovative feature called Project Magnetic Type, which was an exciting announcement for Daniel Bryan, Canto’s Senior Corporate Communications Manager. “It could help streamline the editing process for graphic designers by alleviating a lot of tedious repositioning and alignment issues.”

And there was buzz around Adobe’s Frame.io integration for anyone working with video using Premiere Pro or After Effects. “Teams can move footage straight from on-set to the editing process faster than ever before,” noted Kate Bennewitz, Canto’s Senior Product Marketing Manager.

Standout session for remote teams at Adobe MAX

As teams continue to adjust to the post-pandemic hybrid workforce, session topics such as “This Is How We Work Now: Establishing a Remote Work Culture” have become increasingly popular and incredibly helpful. In the session by Upwork’s Patrick Holly, trust, open communication, and the appropriate tools were at the top of the list to streamline workflows for hybrid or remote teams.

Creatives were very receptive as they took what they learned to organizations such as Canto to see how they could help them with friction points for remote team technology. “Canto provides a solution that is incredibly helpful to remote creative and marketing teams that are working with large volumes of image, video, and document assets,” mentioned Julie Neumeister, Canto’s Customer Marketing Manager.

3 images of Canto team and Adobe MAX 2022 attendees at the Canto booth, including an attendee previewing a Canto demo on the left, Canto team talking to a crowd of attendees in the middle, and Canto team talking with attendees next to their tabletop display on right side. All images are overtop of an orange element background.

Creatives visited Canto’s booth in droves

More people visited Canto’s booth than our team could have anticipated —attendees loved Canto and had a genuine interest in digital asset management, what it provided, and the vibe at Canto’s booth. Customers were calling Canto a “lifesaver”—talking to others about how Canto helps with workflow issues such as poor storage size, lack of version control, file permission issues, as well as integrating within the tools they use and love most.

“Creatives love the idea of never having to leave the Adobe CC app they are working within to search their whole library,” mentioned Ariana. And with Canto, customers can do just that due to Canto’s ever-expanding Adobe integrations.

Biggest Adobe MAX takeaways

Consistent innovation and remote collaboration were very important to the creatives that our team spoke with. To that end, Canto is constantly innovating by adding more robust features to our core DAM solution and new integrations regularly where creatives work and play.

And the best part? DAM creates a content hub for teams working anywhere and anytime, so your team can focus on creative work in Adobe apps instead of busywork.

Learn more about Canto + Adobe or book a demo now and discover how Canto streamlines workflows by centralizing and organizing your content.