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Secrets in audio form: The best branding podcasts of 2021

by Casey Schmidt  |  January 11, 2021

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Podcasts are one of the fastest growing ways to consume information, as they’re a simple format that don’t require focused attention.

As such, numerous branding programs have popped up and taken the format by storm. There’s a lot to be learned about branding, and a podcast is the perfect way to gather this important information.

An infographic about podcast listener numbers.Whether you’re someone who wants to learn more about branding or you simply enjoy podcasts, you’re bound to find something you like from the following list I’ve created.

Here are seven of the best branding podcasts on the market today, followed by some insight into creating your own, if you’re so inclined.

1. ‘The Message’ by General Electric

The 'Message' podcast logo.What it’s all about: The Message is a story-based, science fiction podcast from General Electric. Though this particular podcast doesn’t give branding insight directly (my other examples will, don’t worry), it gives it indirectly in the form of a unique example. The Message has found a way to promote their brand with subtlety that intrigues listeners each episode.

Who it’s for: The Message is for a wide-ranging audience, from sci-fi fans to podcast fiends to people interested in GE and new technology.

What makes it stand out: The Message manages to promote GE innovations without being intrusive to any alien-filled storylines in each episode. The premise of this idea might make some people believe this is just an extended advertisement, but the delivery will have them thinking otherwise when they listen to the episodes.

2. ‘Brand Builder’ by SnackNation

The 'Brand Builder' podcast advertisement.What it’s all about: Brand Builder is a podcast that allows a blend of diverse brands to share their unique branding stories. It especially gives voices to up and coming companies and startups to learn the struggles they face(d). Each new episode offers interesting perspectives that build a foundation for brand understanding.

Who it’s for: Brand Builder is specifically for anyone looking for modern insight into a diverse group of industries. It’s also for people who want fresh, diverse perspectives on all things branding.

What makes it stand out: Brand Builder stands out because of its guest, particularly, its wide range of different guests. Podcasts typically get stuck in the habit of staying within a small topic or category, especially when bringing on guests. This show instead reaches each corner of the branding world, giving valuable insight on every industry.

3. ‘.future’ by Microsoft

The '.future' podcast logo.What it’s all about: .future is, as the name suggests, all about the future of our world. Each podcast episode, hosted by Cristina Quinn, guides listeners through hot tech topics that will influence the way we live. Each show is drastically different from one another, though there is an underlying theme throughout.

Who it’s for: This podcast probably appeals a bit more to people committed to and/or interested in Microsoft, but it also appeals to science fanatics and tech savvy folks.

What makes it stand out: .future is much more like an audio book than a podcast, in that it treats each show like a sequential episode in a series. There is currently only one ‘season’ of this podcast, though more may come in the future (pun intended).

4. Marketing Over Coffee

The 'Marketing Over Coffee' podcast logo.What it’s all about: Marketing Over Coffee is a fast-paced, no-nonsense weekly show from marketing experts John J. Wall and Christopher S. Penn. It’s name is quite literal, as the episodes are recorded from a Massachusetts coffee shop. The topics range from social media to SEO, and each episode remains roughly in the 20-30 minute range.

Who it’s for: Anyone looking to get a laid back yet expert-level discussion into their ears each week concerning important marketing and branding techniques and tactics.

What makes it stand out: It’s probably pretty obvious, but the location is what gives this podcast its true differential from other shows. Recording in a public place presents a whole different type of recording and listening experience for all parties.

5. The Brand Authority Podcast

The 'Brand Authority' podcast image.What it’s all about: As the title suggests, The Brand Authority Podcast helps you create brand authority, which enables strong brand differentiation and provides opportunities for success. Host Rebekah Radice puts listeners on the right track on many different strategies and tactics involving branding. With interesting topics and episodes slightly under an hour, the show is a must-hear.

Who it’s for: If you’re not getting the full effect of branding and seeing success, The Brand Authority Podcast is right up your alley. Each episode is very direct, filled with information and easy to follow and understand. Even beginners will follow along.

What makes it stand out: The Brand Authority Podcast is most noticeably a branding show that focuses on building authority through social media platforms. Though this doesn’t include every episode, this focus makes it unique to the community.

6. The Logo Geek Podcast

The 'Logo Geek' podcast image.What it’s all about: The aptly named Logo Geek Podcast is a singularly-focused show that is dedicated to give designers a greater understanding of logos and their place in the branding world. Host Ian Paget fills the hour-plus episodes with a dynamic understanding of design, as well as interesting interviews with industry leaders.

Who it’s for: The Logo Geek Podcast gives designers a chance to understand more about the branding process, which should in turn give them a leg up when seeking to create fitting visuals for companies.

What makes it stand out: Despite the show being extremely focused on one topic, it does a good job of discussing this topic (design) from many different important angles – from strategy, to mindset to marketing.

7. I Love Marketing

The 'I Love Marketing' podcast image.What it’s all about: The I Love Marketing podcast is a comprehensive marketing show hosted by marketing thinkers Dean Jackson and Joe Polish. The topics extend past the basics and into the lesser-explored territory of marketing and branding.

Who it’s for: I Love Marketing is a fan-favorite because of the lighthearted demeanor of the hosts and unique tops. Entrepreneurs who are starting out in their branding and marketing endeavors are most likely to get the most out of this podcast.

What makes it stand out: The hosts have a certain energy about them that is hard to explain, but is definitely fascinating. Also, the fact that I Love Marketing is willing to cover such a wide range of topics makes it special in the branding podcast community.

Building your own unique branding podcast

The medium of podcasting and the personal nature of it, the relationship you build with your listeners and the relationship they have with you—they could be just sitting there, chuckling and listening… there’s nothing like that.” – Marc Maron

If the above podcasts showed you anything about drawing attention to a brand, you might be interested in creating your own podcast for your own branding strategy.

The following tips are crucial for anyone looking to start their own show.

Do your research

One of the best ways to research podcasts in order to create yours is to be an avid consumer of successful shows. Branch out your listening to find shows of all genres so that your learning will be free of limitations.

Someone doing podcast research on a smartphone.Even if you’re an expert-level marketer or have good knowledge of branding, if you’re unfamiliar with the podcast format, it will hold you back. Consider the ways other shows speak to their users and make a show that incorporates these ideas but in your own way.

This requires a different level of listening to popular podcasts, meaning you must think of all the ways the show is successful and where you could borrow from their ideas or improve upon them.

Equipment matters

This is the most overlooked portion of podcasts, especially for marketers and anyone speaking about branding. This can be a roadblock to success, which sounds unfair or even frustrating, but it is a reality of audience expectation today.

It’s easy to assume that if our expertise and authority is strong enough, the equipment we use to record our show won’t matter. We do want to go ahead with a podcast show regardless, but that doesn’t mean we can neglect this important aspect of podcasts.

A microphone on a desk next to headphones.Unfortunately, even the best guests, topics and content won’t save your podcast from irrelevance if the equipment you use to record it doesn’t measure up. It’s a standard to fulfill the bare minimum requirements of hardware in favor of the audience.

This doesn’t mean you have to go crazy with purchases and research into hardware, but make sure you have a decent group of tools that produce a good sound and allow for efficient editing.

Topic is key

You’ll need to consider what exactly you have to offer to the listeners, then combine that with what you think the audience wants. Otherwise, your expertise will go to waste. Being on-topic is important, but also giving new ideas alongside creative storytelling and other podcast tricks is helpful as well.

For example, if I’m an expert photographer and I make a show about how to take digital photos, the podcast will fail if my audience wanted to hear about how to take physical pictures.

A young man recording a podcast on his laptop.Do extensive research to determine what types of topics to address based on your expertise, then measure this up with what the market is looking for.

It helps to build an outline of what you want to talk about in the episodes and compare it to the audience preference.

Final thoughts

It’s safe to say that branding secrets are scattered throughout different podcasts. Podcast creators seem more willing to tell all when filling hours of audio slots.

Use this to your advantage and find everything necessary to boost your branding process.

If you want more information, check out our branding guide.