The 3 Best Branding Websites and How to Learn From Them

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There are a lot of different company websites to use as a blueprint when building your own page, though not all of them accomplish their branding goals. In order to avoid this fate, limit the scope of your research to branding websites that present them perfectly to the right customers.

Here are the three best branding websites to reference:

1. Apple

Apple incorporates branding into a lot of different areas of their website. They offer a simple user experience that lets visitors know what type of company they’re dealing with – a slick, modern business that pushes the boundaries of all things tech. Apple’s website aims to meet their customer’s concerns about safety, security and functionality with technology. They do this by displaying beautiful images and detailed descriptions of their products.

A screenshot of the Apple website.
Apple makes it known on their website that they cater to the technologically-evolving.

One thing that makes Apple stand out is its commitment to branding at all opportunities. Here’s an example: Some companies may rework their websites during a holiday in order to make it festive – trying to create a connection with customers. Apple does this as well but from a heavy branding angle. They’re always looking for ways to implement a holiday or event into their brand, such as their logo with a turkey inside for Thanksgiving. It seems minor but these branding efforts change customers outlook with the company entirely and feel like they’re changing in real time along with customers – as we experience life events, so does Apple, etc.

2. Seriously Unsweetened

What fascinates most people who visit Seriously Unsweetened’s website is the clean, simplicity of it all. The menu is small, out of the way and simple. Everything you could possibly want in a menu is there without any of the overkill and waste. Whereas a lot of companies fill their pages to the brim with details and images, Seriously has gone the other way completely. There’s definitely a feeling that this site was created in order to market simple, smooth soft drinks.

A screenshot of Seriously Unsweetened's website.
Seriously Unsweetened’s website is seriously simple.

This is such good branding because it makes the customer feel their website is representative of their beverages. In fact, it almost seems like the website design, layout and color palette mimic the actual drink being sold. Website visitors feel refreshed browsing through the pages, just as they would if they were drinking the product on the pages. Each picture is designed to bubble up as you scroll. Finally, the lack of excess matches the drinks they sell, creating the perfect branding image in customer’s heads.

3. Adidas

The Adidas website gives its customers exactly what they’re looking for, both in product and overall feeling. Obviously, the site offers a chance for visitors to view and purchase their product. However, this is only part of why the website is a success. This is because when a customer visits Adidas, they want to feel a certain way: motivated, energetic, invigorated. The Adidas site is jumping with exercise images and clips. This type of branding syncs with visitor emotions.

A screenshot of the Adidas website.
The Adidas website feels like an exercise hotspot.

Even though there is a lot happening on the front page of the site, that isn’t to say it’s cluttered or unorganized. In fact, there’s a comprehensive menu that lets users find exactly what they’re looking for. Overall, the branding reaches customers and tells them that Adidas is on the same page and has the same ideas for goals. Its fast-paced nature lures the motivated into the Adidas culture.

Each company has different branding needs that require specific layouts and themes for websites. However, use these examples as a way to identify how to build a website that maintains brand identity throughout the entire page.


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