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The most efficient way to convert the JPG to EPS

by Casey Schmidt  |  May 5, 2020

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It’s not so easy to use the JPG in each one of your projects, especially when considering the fact that preferences differ across each user group. Fortunately, the JPG is pretty accessible and comes with many different ways to change it. One of these ways is through conversion, which gives users unique image options. Here’s a guide on how to convert the JPG to an EPS file.

What is the JPG image file?

The JPG image file is, as you may have guessed, the exact same format as the JPEG. They’re interchangeable, both being the official extension of the Joint Photographic Experts Group. The JPG is super accessible for all users due to its small size and simple features. It is a lossy file type, meaning it loses resolution while compressing.

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The JPG image file delivers different benefits to numerous users.

What is the EPS image file?

The EPS image file (Encapsulated PostScript) is one of the most powerful, unique and versatile image file types available. It has many different features that professionals use during extensive projects and campaigns. One key feature is its image preview, which quickens retrieval time. Many companies buy their images in the EPS format due to the immense resize potential it contains.

How to convert the JPG to EPS

It should be pointed out that there are a few roundabout ways to get your JPGs into EPS files, but these are not direct and don’t accomplish the true nature of this conversion. Therefore, I’m only going to go over the most direct, easy ways to convert, which give us the most effective result. There are two different ways to pull this off. The first method involves using a browser-based converter, which is a system that requires no installation before use. This type of process requires only a competent internet connection and enough hard drive space to handle new file downloads. I recommend Convertio due to their fast system and simple interface.

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It’s important to find alternatives to the JPG image format.

The second conversion method is for users who need a large quantity of files converted all at once. Note that, unlike the browser-based systems, this method requires a large amount of hard drive space. However, it doesn’t necessitate any sort of internet access once the program is installed to the computer. If you want to convert in bulk, I recommend using Image Converter Plus due to its useful features and simplistic tools.

What are the key benefits of converting?

The JPG is quite accessible, small in size and simplistic. Despite all this, It’s not perfect for every situation. Sometimes being basic is helpful, other times it’s a limitation. When this is the case, moving to a more complex file type makes the most sense. In this particular situation, the EPS gives users a more detailed format to explore and potentially edit. One of the most common reasons users need the EPS extension is when they want to import an image into a print project. Another great thing about the EPS is it’s easily editable within Adobe Illustrator, a powerful graphics tool.

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Converting from JPG to EPS has a lot of potential benefits.

The JPG is a smaller, low-resolution file type, making it great to share with other users, at least in terms of how quick it can send. However, this is just the surface-level of sharing. When it comes to more in-depth projects, it’s important to have other file type options for images. This way, if a fellow team member requests something in another file, such as the EPS, you’ll have a quick conversion method available to get the correct file type to them fast.

Overcome any potential JPG limitations by knowing all the different ways to convert it to an EPS. Sooner or later you’ll find a situation that requires it – make sure you have the process down perfectly.