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Is it possible to convert a PNG to an ORF?

by Casey Schmidt  |  September 22, 2019

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An animated photograph.

Is it possible to convert a PNG to ORF? Would there be a good reason to do so? These questions are answered and more in this breakdown of the different file types.

What’s a PNG?

A PNG is a Portable Network Graphic that uses lossless compression. It retains its highest quality and resolution when it shrinks in size. A PNG is an image file that uses raster graphics, which means it’s constructed by a grid of pixels.

What’s an ORF?

An ORF is the Olympus Raw Format image file type which is the standard storage type for any photograph taken with an Olympus camera. It is an extremely high resolution file type, containing greater bits per pixel than other formats.

The PNG file icon.
The PNG is a high quality image file.

How to convert a PNG to an ORF

The ORF is the initial, raw format of an image. In order to produce an ORF, you need to take a picture using an Olympus camera and upload it to the computer. Therefore, it’s not possible to convert a PNG to an ORF. In fact, there’s no reason to either. Typically, an ORF is converted into more manageable image file types.

An ORF is like a large block of marble in the shape of a rectangle. It needs to be converted into a recognizable statue through careful sculpting. You wouldn’t take a sculpted statue and try to convert it into a rectangular block of marble. Similarly, you wouldn’t take an editable image file and convert it into an ORF.

A statue of a man.
An ORF is kind of like a sculpture.

How to convert an ORF to a PNG

It’s not possible to convert a PNG to an ORF, but it is possible to convert an ORF to a PNG. In fact, there are different methods available to do so. The first way is likely the most popular and it’s using the Olympus Viewer. Viewer supports conversion into the JPEG, which can then be converted easily to a PNG using a program like MS Paint.

The other way to convert a PNG to an ORF is a third party software program, such as CloudConvert. CloudConvert is a browser-based system that doesn’t require installation in order to convert. All that is needed is an upload of the ORF file and then a download of the new PNG file.

There’s no real way to convert a PNG to an ORF. Look for alternative file types to convert your PNG to. Use all the tools your operating system and browser-based systems provide to land on the right image file for you.