Data Lineage Tools – 3 Systems to Empower Businesses


Data lineage fills in missing pieces of data puzzle for companies with large volumes of files. New data is being created with exponentially more moving parts. Many departments need the ability to use data efficiently and determine its entire life span. Data lineage tools provide vital opportunities for companies to manipulate data. It’s important for a business to locate the right system to fit its needs. Consider these three proven data lineage tools.

Data Lineage Tools – Octopai

Find a data lineage system to automate the entire process and boost efficiency. Octopai makes data lineage a completely passive procedure for organizations by removing numerous tasks and technology issues. Octopai is cloud-based, which makes introducing it as your data lineage tool a non-disruptive process to everyday operations. There are no installations necessary, and team members won’t have to undergo detailed training to learn how to use it.

A screenshot of the Octopai software interface.
Octopai is a data lineage tool which focuses on automation.

Automation is the name of the game for Octopai, and it pushes this point further with its special automated metadata analysis. Metadata is a crucial feature of data lineage, guiding the process of lineage from start to finish. Take control of the metadata attached to maximize the effectiveness of your data lineage. Octopai removes the need for cross-department data searching, as it centralizes data. Use this interesting tool if a simple-to-use automated system is your ideal software.

Data Lineage Tools – ASG

Precision and data compliance are crucial for companies in certain sectors of business. ASG meets these needs head on. ASG technologies wasn’t created specifically as a data lineage tool, but the reason it belongs in this list is the precise, in-depth approach it takes with its data lineage solution. If ASG is a good fit for your organization, you’ll also be getting a very complex data lineage tool.

ASG ensures a complete genesis to ending representation of data without any degradation or deterioration of data during its cycle. Companies confidently recall and use data in important projects due to the detailed nature of ASG’s data lineage. Most importantly for certain companies is the data complies with GDPR through ASG. This is another feature that helps organizations smoothly run operations without hassle or errors.

A screenshot of the data lineage tool interface from ASG.
Finding the right data lineage tools for your organization is crucial for success.

Data Lineage Tools – Trifacta

The ability to undertake a diversity of clients shows the capabilities of a business, which is the first thing that stands out when looking into Trifacta as a data lineage system. A wide array of client types proves a company bends itself to the whims and needs of its customers. Trifacta should be strongly considered by evolving companies looking for software. It has undertaken data lineage maintenance for companies dealing with healthcare, stocks and marketing. Unique companies with nuanced procedures can confidently consider Trifacta for its data lineage management.

Trifacta is powerful in its manipulation of data and in its data lineage presentation process for businesses. It’s capable of taking a wide range of differently sized data formats and molding it into one size that is usable for each team member. It also can take raw data and format it into more understandable data.

The amount of data created in the modern era is growing quickly, and companies are gaining control of their large volumes of information. Understand the distinction between data lineage tools to decide which system can optimize your organization’s data lineage.